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  1. Wow, only just read this all the way to the end! We have been eating at LCS not often enough since we moved to the Cotswolds 8 years ago. The service by Helen and her girls has always been just right for us. Gentle, friendly and unobtrusive. Personally, I would by offended if anyone asked to record me talking our restaurant about the food as it seems to be such an uncomfortable thing to do. I understand wanting to make a record of your meal, I really do, but always can't help but think that the pure pleasure of eating is diluted somewhat by the scramble to miss no detail. But that's just me, I want to always remember the pleasure of eating out, even if each ingredient can't be recalled.
  2. I can do the Cirencester recs!! Made by Bob in the Cornhall, Cirencester just off the main marketplace is required eating! Really relaxed deli/bistro/cafe with a great eat around open plan kitchen. Bibury Court Hotel for afternoon tea, great walks around to be had too! Swan at Southrop (near Lechlade) for a gastropub,named GFG resto of the year last year, do reserve though especially at the weekend, as the whole of London rocks up for lunch and dinner!! and of course you are always welcome to drop in on us at Fairford, between Cirencester and Lechlade - we have no dress code!! Erica
  3. Southport is my home town, so I can honestly say there's not a lopt of choice, last time I went the busiest place looked like weatherspoons! I was seriously underwhelmed by Warehouse Brasserie, more than underwhelmed actually. Last time I went to visit my Dad we stayed at the Vincent and I really enjoyed my stay there. The cocktail bar was very glam, but we didn't really make the most of it as we were with my Dad celebrating his 75th birthday!!. Loved the rooms at the Vincent, great Japanese soaking tubs, and hilarious items in the mini bar!! (bumps the bill though!!) The restaurant at the Vincent was a much higher standard than anywhere else in Southport town centre, so I would stick with that. I used to enjoy Michaels in Birkdale, its a tiny place in the middle of a parade of shops, but haven't visited in about 5 years. Enjoy your stay, are you playing at Royal Birkdale? (My childhood house overlooked it!!)
  4. My only tip would be that no matter how good that brioche is NO MATTER HOW GOOD, don't attempt more than one, or you wont be able to enjoy the fantastic petit fours at the end! The brioche has always been my undoing, I've always had two then struggled to finish. They are so light its hard to understand why they would do that, but they do. Of course the extra cheese course may well have something to do with it too! ;-)
  5. The Pass Restaurant at South Lodge Hotel, West Sussex head chef Matt Gillan is doing some great stuff over there 7/10 good food guide this year and straight in at 31. Having been there I would think that its his time. No other recommendations as we've hardly been out this year I'm afraid!
  6. I think that this may have been true, but I do know that the GFG had a huge purge of inspectors a couple of years back, precisely it seemed for those reasons. That said, if you do have small circle of inspectors, they are eventually going to be recognized (until the purge its true we did recognize a local inspector). I do quite like the idea of a mix of inspectors, and Joe Public views in one, in the hope that they balance each other out.
  7. well I do pay the wages every week, and the memory of students daring each other to do a runner from the local curry house WAS amusing. Its not condoning in any way what they did, its just evoking a memory.
  8. Interesting to read you didn't particularly enjoy the whole ipad thing. As we are about to install a few at our place (but not as menu/wine lists more as reference material) can I ask what it was you didn't like about them . To be honest I'm a bit too excited about a new toy to be subjective at the moment!! So sensible comment about them would be good!
  9. Tim Hayward wrote a funny piece on it in word of mouth. Whilst I would hate this to happen at our place ( and every now and again when a whole table goes outside to smoke it has crossed my mind that it could happen) I was a student once, and been dared to do it at a curry house. I very quickly say I NEVER DID IT, I was much too chicken (and slow) at the time, but his piece did bring back some vivid memories. I see they have arrested one of the pair already, and numerous other establishments have come forward to say they had been played too..
  10. My 10 year old loves to eat out!! She did a 16 course tasting menu at Tragabuche (sp?) at age 7. Asked what her favourite fish was recently, she replied Turbot!! Perhaps we need a mini-egullet membership!!
  11. I would say Casamia, the food is fantastic. I hear there is a new opening called Flinty Red, but know nothing else, can't seem to find it when I googled either...
  12. Great service, OK food, but perfect for the rehearsal dinner. Way too much food though- I felt guilty leaving so much when my best friend was picking up the tab!
  13. We visited New York for my best friends wedding during September. What with bridesmaids breakfasts, brunches and rehearsal dinner with a cast of millions, we only really had one meal out to ourselves, so we plumped for WD 50. We got a 10pm booking the evening we flew in from the UK, so after a quick nap in the afternoon (by that stage we had been up and going 20 hours)we arrived on the street, walked past the place 3 times and found our way in with our 9 year old begging us not to have the tasting menu because she was too tired to keep going that long. We decided to have 4 starters and 4 main courses brought out in any sensible order so that we could see as many dishes as possible. They came out in pairs and we shared with our daughter. Stand out dishes were the Aerated Foie, the Scallops and the Skirt Steak, although we didn't find a duff dish all night. Service was friendly and really relaxed which was just what we needed after a stressful transatlantic flight (last time I ever go coach). Whilst hubbie was happy to push on, by midnight I was too zombified to continue, so after a quick nose in the kitchen we called it a night. I wish I had a restaurant like this on my doorstep.I can't really compare it to anywhere else in NY as we ate one night in Little Italy (il Cortile) and at the wedding reception (The Water Club) we are now planning our return trip, can't wait to get back.
  14. sorry to see that two Cotswold Gastropubs are going/gone Martin Blunos Reservoir outside Cheltenham and Martin Caws Trouble House in Tetbury. Don't know if they are just moving on to other projects...
  15. I heard today that the very chic Barnsley House hotel and the Village Pub across the road have been sold for over 6 million. Didn't take long for them to go- I think I saw that it went to sealed bids
  16. Just realised we are participating in this one too! Let me know how your take up is, from memory last time we did something similar we were fairly mobbed! Erica
  17. There are a number of very attractive pub sites available locally, and they look fantastic till you read the small pubco print and run for the hills. They get bought, and then go back up for sale within 6 months.
  18. I'm going to show my woeful lack of geography now- but what about The Masons Arms in Knowstone? It's in Exmoor, and we loved it.
  19. You never know......he wont want for pre-opening publicity, thats for sure. Despite how I sound I do wish him well, just know how hard it is out there.
  20. Yes he had Epicurious (sp?) in Pershore.
  21. Look, I'm not saying the guy can't cook his dishes for the judges, but thats not the same as running a successful restaurant by a long shot. The adrenelin and excitement of a one off competition doesn't prepare you for the mundane tasks that have to be done every day. There are a lot of great cooks who are not great chefs or restaurateurs. We obviously want to encourage passionate people in the industry but backers pull plugs, employed headchefs walk out: in reality the suggestion that he needs more time in is nothing more than comman sense and if taken may mean that the potential can be realised. You are a long time closed!
  22. I'll give a chance and respect when he's put the time in without a tv crew following him around. If he wants to put good food on a plate, he needs to go and work for someone and learn his professional trade.
  23. I saw the guy being interviewed on breakfast TV- Torrode sad he was the perfect winner with great attitude, food and a great "look"- WTH??????? Since when does looking like ming the merciless make you a good cook? Give me strength.....................
  24. I've heard you can add West Country Fine Foods to the list too.
  25. Where have 2 years gone???!!!! I'd have thought you'ld be raring to go by now!!!!
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