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  1. I had an ex boyfriend years ago who once told his friends that he could tell when I was upset because I would bake a ton of breads, muffins, and cookies. I was feeling kind of stressed and worn out, so I went to a bookstore and then meandered around a grocery store. After that I was rejuvinated and much more cheerful. I do think it is the process of cutting things up and prepping food is soothing. Although I have a food processor, I never use it. It just always seemed faster, cleaner and much more pleasant to chop things up with a knife.
  2. Hi, I am in the Metro Detroit area and new to eGullet. I'm having a friend over from San Diego and we have reservations at The Tribute. However, I have some other friends from Los Angeles a couple of days later who are really food and dining savvy. I do not want to eat at the same place a few days in a row. So, I am open to suggestions for restaurants.
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