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  1. Hi Would you share with me and others what you consider "Fine Dining"? To me -- places like The Saddle River Inn and the Dining Room at the Manor are fine dining. Customers dress well. Food is impeccable. Table service is done by professionals. Place settings --- hardware, china, glassware --- are high quality. Wine service is is 4 star whether they have a wine list or not. I love Blu in Montclair but I would not call it "Fine Dining". Love to hear. Viejo
  2. Paulo Thank you so much for your reply. Do you have any dinner suggestions in Lisbon where the locals would eat? We wish to try all levels of dining and really want to try some typical local foods in additon to high end? With us depending on public transportation trips outside the city for dining might not be practical. Obrigado Viejo
  3. Hi Everyone My wife and I are planning our 10th wedding anniversary in Lisbon. Will probably be staying at the Tivoli Lisboa but that has not been decided. Based on the fabulous help we received for our last trip (Barcelona) we are once again looking for your recommendations. We wish to taste Portugal. Would like dinner choices for 5 nights. Neighborhood locals and up. FYI my wife is fluent in Spanish which may help at local restaurants. Obrigado Viejo
  4. Hikeleader I would say you reiterated my feelings based on my last visit. In my estimation there is no reason to return to this place. Viejo
  5. So, Deserts What is your evaluation of Cinc Sentits food?? Viejo
  6. Hi All First we would like to thank all who have submitted their thoughts and suggestions. We have decided (also in light of availability) for our dinner as follows; Saturday Hisop Sunday Cerveceria Catalana Monday Rias de Galicia Tuesday Gresca Wednesday Quimet i Quimet Thursday Cinc Sentits Viejo Majadero y Esposa
  7. Thanks for the reply. If you had to choose 4 restaurants for us to visit, which ones would you pick? Price or or type of food is not an issue. We appreciate all your help. Viejo PS.....not necessarily from this list...
  8. Mi esposa suggests Top Choice for Tasting Menu ---- 35 - 50 Euro Best Suckling Pig Best Paiella Best Seafood Viejo
  9. Aiden I truely respect your opinion but need to make this simple for me and the way I think. I have read through all the restaurants recently visited on this blog. I also culled from some web sites and then got this list from the hotel. What I need from someone such as yourself is to tell me not to choose a certain place because it is "not good". Impecable references are good, but as you must be aware restaurants change over time or after a great review you visit the place and it is just off. I plan to take in all levels of food and only have six nights to do it in. I want to try what the
  10. Hi Would appreciate a yes or no to each restaurant listed. I have already considered all of those restaurants reviewed in other threads and recently got this list from our intended hotel. Thanks very much for your quick reply. Viejo Majadero --------------------------------------- Via Veneto Windsor Ca l’Isidre Casa Calvet Set Portes Barceloneta Merendero de la Mari Cerveceria Catalana thanks
  11. Hi Six courses including tip cost each of us under $100 (low $90's). Of course it cost me a lot more since I supplied the wine. But that is what I wanted this to be about. Great food. They do have a menu!!! And BYO!!!! Impecable service. Wonderful old world, civilized charm. For me this was a much better dining experience than my recent visits to Panache and David Dreck. Viejo
  12. Told Ya So!!!!!!! Derek Barnes of Derek's Culinary Casual, 514 Central Avenue, Sarasota was one of twenty chefs nominated last week as a semi-finalist for the 2009 James Beard Foundation Awards. Twenty chefs from five different states have been put onto the roster for "Best Chef South." Read More at http://www.dereks-sarasota.com Derek is cookin and I'm watching snow flakes. Viejo
  13. Ah, and it came to an end too soon!!! Viejo
  14. Hi Had no idea what the price would be until the bill came. Thanks Viejo
  15. On Tuesday the 17th my wife and I had dinner at the Manor in the Ala Carte area. Tuesday is special as they allow wine to be brought in (no corkage) and, as it turns out, they have a very respectable list of wines at half price. We were really enjoying the old world charm and the piano music when I realized this would be a great choice for one of my Boys Night Out dinners. I spoke to the Maitre d' about such and asked if we could use the side room so as not to disturb the diners and the piano player. I discussed the wines I intended to bring but felt the menu would not accomodate the wines.
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