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  1. You damned racist! ← Unless it really does cater to Asian preferences ... then it's just perpetuating the "stereotype" ... ← Perhaps I should clarify a few things before this gets blown out of proportion (not that that happens around here, but you know just in case). Canucklehead is Asian, and he is also one of the most pleasant-mannered (and non-racist) people you could hope to meet in real life. When he's not ogling the high school girls at Cactus Club, that is. Oh yeah and I am being facetious in approximately 98% of my posts. That is all.
  2. I've gotta say that Diner serving fried chicken, potato salad and watermelon doesn't strike me as particularly racist either. No I am not black, but I mean seriously, let's say Diner started serving chicken chow mein (pronounced "main") and egg rolls with plum sauce. And no MSG upon request. Would I be offended then? No. I wouldn't order it, but nor would I be offended. I really, really cannot see racism or perpetuation of stereotypes as Heather's intention. She did not strike me as particularly Fuzzy Zoeller-ish. But perhaps there is only one person here who would know... Ashley_k, what are your thoughts??
  3. Just wanted to chime in with thanks to Deb for dinner on Saturday night - beautifully done, the tag team of HK Dave and yourself covering the saucier duties (as well as everything else) was very impressive and appreciated. Plus the loin... loved the loin. And the tea smoked duck was also outstanding. Could go on and on, but it's all been said I think. (Though I must give final props to the dessert, certainly the 3 AM love was felt. Oh and the wines...) Also a great looking impromptu dinner with Canucklehead. I have a large pot too, dude, prawns always welcome. Nice to have you back in town. PS: Another Cliff Clayvon-ism about Queen Victoria - I understand she was the one who first brought haemophelia into the Windsor family.
  4. Nice job. As we all know Ti Kuan Yin is the undisputed King of Teas.
  5. I would be remiss if I didn't make mention of the calibre of assistants for this course. Not only does Chef have the regular student helpers, but also the likes of eGullet luminaries Chef nwyles and HK Dave - who helped save my pan sauce last week. It is great for learning a lot on the fly.
  6. BCinBC


    I don't believe I've ever eaten there, however I have enjoyed their previously noted cheap drinks. Sangria on a summer's day (and what a patio overlooking Safeway and the dry cleaners!) or rye and ginger during Jazz Fest.
  7. Matt, I'll be raising a beer to your post of the week victory. Apparently it is jump the snark week round here! Jeffy, please tell me more about those Chick-Chick-Chicken Fingers.
  8. Rather than expend an extraordinary amount of energy decyphering your code, can I just conclude that you are talking about the same Jericho Sailing Centre that was mentioned in the first post?
  9. Zuke, one must wonder then about your coconut bras.
  10. Deb, just a quick note to say good luck with the blog and the kitchen completion. Never did see the "before" photos. Needless to say the reno, incomplete though it is, is already miles above. PS: Be sure to show off the sink that can double as a St Bernard washdown station too.
  11. So fatty. So good. Had to force myself to store the rest for later. Later being now. ← I must have missed you last night. How did you get ahold of the rillettes?
  12. I only got to try two of the rillettes, and since I can't remember what group number I was a part of, I don't think I even got to try our own. (I was in Derek's group for the duck as well as for this week's pork out.) Group #7's rillette was a little under-seasoned to start with, but that went away the more I forked down. Can't explain why. Richness masking under-s&p-ing maybe. Group #5 - Alex's group - did a very nice job, seasoned well and they added orange rind too which was a nice touch. Overall they were of course super rich; despite that we did pack away quite a bit. Then came the pork belly, stuffed chops and the starting of the cassoulet beans and sausages (which was v cool, sorry you missed it dude). PS: Derek, thanks for the beer. Blue labeled one was very nice, smooth for a high alc content. The Habanero beer was also good, surprisingly drinkable for the concept (spicy beer). Reminded me of this, though much better: Cave Creek Chili Beer - crap beer from the States which I had for breakfast one day. Pretty undrinkable. Sadly I did not get to try the stout. Edited to remove external photo.
  13. Agreed Arne, because the class is aimed at the so-called "advanced foodie", I am finding the pace much faster and the info much more free flowing. Having said that, Chef is also more open to leaving things up to us. Eg, spice mixtures - he just says that he is using a spice mixture and doesn't go into great detail listing off each spice. He mainly says, "this is a classic combination" or something along those lines, and then leaves it up to us to decide what we want to use. So you actually get to think more for yourself as opposed to following along a Step 1: 1/4 T salt, 1/4 T sugar, Step 2: pat dry breast etc... Combine all of that and there is pretty much no time to snap photos. Am thoroughly enjoying this class, perhaps moreso than the last one because of the above. All we have done is breakdown of proteins, then immediate prep plus charcouterie. Very little in the way of starches or veg. Got to break into the school's stash of demi-glace last night which made for an unbelievable sauce for duck breast. And the venerable nwyles even graced us with an appearance. Was expecting more yelling from him, perhaps he is lulling us with a nice-guy appearance before coming down with the hammer next time.
  14. First time at Nu yesterday, just stopped by for a drink. Saw the infamous chairs and the green neon chandelier, and I'd put myself in the "not to my taste" line. I get that it's supposed to be fun and whatnot, but I was left scratching my head. It gave me that booze-cruise feeling. Where the hell did I leave my stubby holder? Having said that, the patio is beautiful, with insanely effective windscreens. So good that any amount of hurricane-force wind combined with the least bit of sunshine could still result in a good sweat going, hair or no hair. Watching the endless parade of dragon boaters with a pint in hand, it was a scene man. Will have to bring N for a couple drinks and some confit I guess. Free parking too. Nice to see Daddy-A and Mommy-J, whom I haven't seen in a dog's age, enjoying un pot de rose. When in France, head south!
  15. My last three were Shanghai River (where I protest that the xiao long bao are the signature dish; that title rightly belongs to the Szechuan crispy smoked duck); the NWCAV kitchen (salmon-amundo); oh and the little Russian bakery near my office where I got a panino for lunch.
  16. I saw this article on ?? news yesterday, they mentioned a figure of $86,000 of revenue that the Parks Board as gained since the opening of Watermark (figures and timeline unchecked and my memory sucks it*) - not to mention the dough Watermark is pulling in despite opinions of the majority of professional reviewers as well as agenda-pushers on this forum. The point is, it all boils down to $$ for the City, and that is $$ that would otherwise be coming from our taxes. So, we all had a collective shit over property tax hikes this year, right? Should we have a bigger shit over parks concession privatization or tax hikes? Is it possible to assign a value to the property currently occupied by parks concession stands, or do we just say "no" and dig a little deeper? Is it possible that CoV learned from Watermark and the next one will be more to the public's liking? Is the risk vs return better this time around? ----- *Upon further Googling, the figure was $86k in rent over the first 5 months, annualized to $206k. Net profit from previous concession was $34k. CoV report here.
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    What is happening here? I am having a simultaneous desire to eat at Rare and brush my teeth.
  18. ICBC is it? Anyhoo, it actually sounds like a classic CFD situation, and since you've ruled out the Keg on GI and Earls, you're pretty much left with the Cactus Club. The one on Broadway has a bar area which they might be able to rope off for you if you ask real nice. I'm guessing it'll be pretty much bursting at the seams with 30 though.
  19. Hm, I'm of the "not so much" opinion. It is still $9-10 for an enchilada or burrito (can't remember exactly) and all you get is something wrapped in a tortilla, with some refried beans on the side. I understand that sometimes you crave Mexican, but given the state of Mexican in this city, when in the area (which is a lot) I would rather go spend $7 on a bowl of soup from Taiwan Been Noodle - or $6 for a panini from Koni - or $5 for BBQ pork or beef brisket on rice from Daimo.
  20. Daddy-A you speak the truth. Obviously I was just having a bit of fun above, and as much as I do like the place and specifically Daniel as a chef and host, there was one item in my post that was not exaggerated for "literary" effect: Senhor Rooster is a cut above the average neighborhood joint. Daniel is not John Bishop. Vikram Vij is not John Bishop. We are all individuals. (I'm not.) Yummy out.
  21. Dear eGullet, I have been reading these posts for a long time now, and while they all sound great, I've always been a bit suspicious as to whether they were real or not. Certainly I never thought that something like that could happen to me, but last Thursday night it did! I got invited to dinner at Senhor Rooster with three young ladies, whom I'll call Dakota, Tiffany and Jordan. If you can believe it, there was supposed to be a fourth, but she didn't show - which was really too bad, but I had my hands full anyway. The noises these girls make when they get together! Each one is a delight, but when you put all three together... We started with a little house liqueur to lubricate things, and ordered a couple plates of the salt cod and potato cakes and a plate of the BBQ'ed mushrooms to start. For the main event, Dakota immediately sniffed out the pork and clams, Tiffany took the beef ribs for her pleasure, and that left Jordan and me. At that point, Chef announced that he had a very special dish featured: salt crusted chicken. I thought that only got served on TV! Not believing my luck, I immediately accepted and gazed at Jordan - and to my delight, she nodded in agreement. It's the little details that bring Senhor Rooster a cut above an average neighborhood joint. We were brought Portugese buns, with the wonderful little cleft in them, to enjoy along with the four squeeze bottles of sauce. The types are documented above, and of the four my favourites are the piri-piri and the jalapeno. The girls all liked the hot ones too. Like someone said before, just make sure to keep the bottle upright when squeezing, otherwise you're going to end up with a lot of sauce in your lap! And that stuff stains. Anyway, along with the buns and sauce, we were also presented with four fried sardines. Dakota seemed a little lukewarm on them, but Tiffany and Jordan loved them. I ate mine, and then split Dakota's with Jordan. The only thing was that Jordan wasn't keen on the head, which was disappointing. But not to worry. The cod cakes and mushrooms came out next. Dipped in the sauces, the cakes were quite good, but the mushrooms really stole the appetizer show. We sopped up the juices with those clefty little buns, and then thankfully were brought more to finish the job. As you can imagine, the salt crust took a while to prepare, but the anticipation was just fine. When the mains were brought out, the beef was huge with a nice brown/black char, and the pork and clams were just glistening and steaming. I would have buried my face in either in a second, but then the chicken came tableside. Using a mallet to crack the surface, chef quickly and efficiently cleared away the broken crust and the salt beneath, then pulled back the protective leaves of lettuce to reveal the beautiful bird. Deboned except for the wings and then stuffed with a mixture of rice, mandarin orange, and whatever else, and served with a beautiful sauce that must have been 5 parts butter, 2 parts drippings, oh and more globules of orange in there, all making for an unbelievable oral experience. The bird itself was the most moist bird I have ever had the pleasure of eating, and even the stuffing was an exercise in imagination. Like I said, the anticipation was just fine because the payoff was unbelievable. I think I blacked out for a while. When I woke up, it was time for dessert. Tiffany had blueberries flambe, Dakota mango mousse, and Jordan a special dessert of strawberries and red wine. I had to have a smoky creme caramel to finish me off. The girls all loved their desserts, and I must admit that even though I usually go for the congealed stuff, at Senhor Rooster I prefer the flambe or mango mousse. Chef is a master with the fruits. Neither Tiffany nor Dakota could finish their meals; even though they were thoroughly enjoyed (Dakota described the pork and clams as "throbbingly good") the portions were just too huge. Chef wrapped up Tiffany's beef rib in foil, in the shape of a bull. She said that she was going to enjoy that in a sandwich later. Thinking I was 24 again, I offered to help her out. Well that story might be better left for another time. There were a couple other couples in the joint while we were there, but I think my girls scared them off. They can be a little noisy and intimidating, but if you can stand the heat, you won't find any better dining partners. We had a few more laughs, and ended the evening with air kisses all around. And I went home to sleep the sleep of the innocents.
  22. Mangoe, Possibly you are talking about the thread linked in my sig line - it doesn't sound like you will make it all the way down to the Med coast however there is some other stuff in there about Lyon plus the general Province and southern French Alps area. A friend of mine highly recommended Avignon, and sadly we did not make it there this time but be sure to post about it in the France forum. Re: flight food, I don't know if you've searched the forum but there is another thread around here on the same thing - perhaps a search for "food YVR" might work. I seem to recall that previous suggestions of Rangoli and the Fairmont YVR were concensus favourites though. As for what to take, I second the ice wine suggestion - since it comes in half bottles it is not that cumbersome, and it is a signature BC thing. No need to wish you a great trip as that is inevitable, but good luck with the plane meals.
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