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  1. does the pad thai have ketchup? ← I don't believe so.
  2. There's a new Thai take out joint on Main between 11th and 12th called Mali Thai...it is very cheap and pretty respectable chow. Tried the red curry & pad thai. Simple, clean flavours.
  3. got this email today.... As the year approaches the festive season, we are excited to offer our new private room next door to Chambar for an exclusive dining experience. Many of you have already visited Medina, our gorgeous breakfast and lunch café, during the daytime. When night falls Medina is now available for private events. Chambar and Medina would like to extend an invitation for you to book a date with us this holiday season. Medina’s old-world interior will accommodate up to 30 seated for dinner and up to 60 for standing receptions. It’s the perfect venue for celebrating not just the holiday season but also family reunions, anniversaries, girls’ nights, birthdays, and no matter your occasion, we’ll be sure to have wine, beer, and your favourite items from Chambar on the menu. Please call 604.879.7119 or email info@chambar.com if you are interested in learning more regarding availability and sample menus. Our staff will organise an event that your guests will talk about for years to come. All the best! Nico & Karri Chambar Restaurant
  4. What do they have on offer waylman? What did you try? ← I had the waffles as I'm not a big egg guy. They are fantastic...I don't know if you've ever had a waffle for dessert over at Chambar but they are the same. Rich, dense and delicious. My buddy had the Fricasse which looked unreal (eggs & shortribs) and my wife had the Libanais which she really liked. Check it out!
  5. Anyone know what's going on in the old Budapest location at Main and 16th? I see the space has been leased....
  6. Pings - newish place on Main and 10th. Very good Japanese chow. My wife and I shared deep fried pumpkin tart, tuna tataki, chicken karaage, pan fried black cod and their version of french fries. Great spot, will be back. Cafe Medina - The spot for breakfast. I had the waffles but the others I was with tried some of their egg dishes...everyone was very happy. Great coffee too (49th parallel I believe)
  7. Cafe Medina (beside Chambar) is now offering full breakfast along with their amazing waffles. Unbelievably good stuff!
  8. my suggestions... Sushi Ajisai (a little out of the way in a part of town called Kerrisdale but worth it!) Some of my favorite restaurants: Parkside, Pied a Terre, La Buca (all same owners, all great) Jules Bistro (I'm a steak-frites nut and these are some of the best in town) Boneta Chambar Lunch spots Go Fish - Kick ass fish and chips on Granville Island Salt - cheese, meat and wine - good! Au Petit Cafe - If you need something quick stop by here for a sandwich, they are delicious.
  9. The old Subway at Main and 15th will be a Burgoo... http://www.burgoo.ca
  10. My last 3 were all 1st time visits... Bishops - Went here for my wifes 30th. Great room and great food. Had the pork belly appetizer. This was the best thing I have tasted in a long time! It was much better than my bison main. Anyway, I will be back for that pork belly! Zocalo - Mexican joint on Main st. My wife and I sampled several appetizers. All were quite good although the mussels were too salty. Cru - I thought the food was excellent. Had a grilled caesar to start. Main was beef tenderloin and dessert was a creme brulee.
  11. Budapest on Main and 16th has closed. Does anyone know whether they have relocated?
  12. I haven't had a chance to go yet but I've heard Shalizar in West Van is very good. http://www.dinehere.ca/restaurant.asp?r=2156 I have been to KashCool and Zagros recently. KashCool was outstanding as always. Try their chicken (Joojeh) kabob. Zagros is not recommended.
  13. Yikes, Feenie really sold out on this one. The power of the dollar!
  14. Afghan Horsemen - Cool atmosphere sitting on the floor with lots of cushions. Nothing too memorable, won't rush back. Budapest - great Hungarian place on Main...you must try the fried bread appetizer...sinful! Le Crocodile - Awesome as always. Had the crab cake to start, venison main, and pear tart to finish. Unreal chow!
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