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  1. Just seen this and since I spent many years buying fish in France and selling it in English, then cld add a little but maybe you have all got it covered: Cabillaud is cod, which is also called increasingly morue fraiche ( fresh salt cod) and comes from the Dutch. Loup ( de mer) is also called bar and is sea bass. Loup is mainly used in the south. Being sea bass much of it isfarmed these days. St Pierre: also occasionally called John Dory in the North ( where I once worked) . the name comes from its colour when fresh which is golden yellow, or jaune doré... the mark of st peter is a well known story, but forgets that this fish never swam in the sea of galilee. Tilapia is sometimes called St Peters fish...funny old world...they ( the males) keep their babies in their mouth until mature...novel idea wont catch on with us i think Dorade: is as broad a category as sea bream , or snapper. Mainly refers to fish caught off West Africa, and the dorade grise caught in European waters which doesnt taste too good.
  2. Felice - I did go to the premiere Fooding/Batofar event way back 2003. I strongly encourage everyone to go. It's a rare chance to hang out and chat with young, hip Parisians and meet some of the best and coolest chefs in Paris in a laidback beach party/backyard BBQ/block-party atmosphere. This year, two-starred Eric Frechon of the Bristol and three-starred Antoine Westermann of Buerehisel/Mon Viel Ami will be amongst the chefs there. For those who don't read French, some of the more intriguing menu items include a beef and horse combo from Ploum; a head to foot hot dog from M. Frechon; and rosemary lamb's tongue on a stick with celery and lamb's foot ragout from Thierry Breton of Chez Michel. Even if the food runs out - and be forewarned that it does - there's plenty of free Badoit and good karma for all - this year's event benefits Action Contre Faim - Action Against Hunger. ← When I've finally worked out how to reply , thank you for yr info on Fooding, and sorry to resurrect an issue....... It seems an interesting way to try and bring the slightly elitist world of restaurant food to a new generation......and in a novel format; I like the idea of the French appropriating an English word, and giving it a slightly twisted meaning...but is it anything more than a fad??
  3. I am intrigued by fooding, and knoweth not how big , significant it is. The idea, thoroughly laudable, is to bring food back to the streets, to combine the two English words "Food" and "Feeling" which must be sending the Academie Francaise into apoplexy. This 26th June I understand there will be a fooding event in Paris, on La Plage du Batifour, but I cant go. Is there anyone who is? Anyone who knows about fooding in France?? The idea goes back to 2003, and was started by two journos...you pay 5 Euros to get in, and will need a password, then enjoy the food, socialise, mingle, and .... Check out http://www.le-fooding.com/ete2005
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