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  1. J_OZZY I cant make it to tales this year but was excited to see you live in Cowtown. Do you work in the industry in town? Sorry to hijack your thread. Then again I do have a few extra bottles of bitters we could trade.
  2. perfect response, precisely the kind of info I was looking for
  3. I remember reading about Las Vegas and the places to drink, but after searching can not find the thread. Can anyone point me towards some good places to go ?
  4. would a 15 oz size work in your average regular cocktail shaker you see in bars?
  5. ahh the damn big work brother wont let me see that website. Maybe that should tell me something...... Thank you.
  6. Hello, I remember reading a few years ago likely on egullet about an alessi set of tins, and have been searching ever since. Yesterday I read the bittman thread and it reminded me of the quest for the crystal skull err i mean all metal shaker boston style. Can anyone point me to where I can find a good product for a reasonable price. Amazon preferred. Thanks.
  7. Well here is my well guide. Rye; Alberta Premium 39.95 for 1.75l ( i live in alberta canada ) but if you can find it, it is worth it. Gin; Plymouth 20.00 approx for .75l Bourbon; Jim Beam 45 for 1.75l American Rye; rittenhouse bonded if you can find it brandy; there is a thread that discusses this. But I like the south african one it is good and cheap.
  8. isnt tanq 10 a pot stilled gin from gns?
  9. i have the citrus hand juicer, and I am not a fan. It seems to build up pressure when you squeeze the handles, to the point that juice squirts out the sides instead of the holes in the bottom. High pressure squirts all over the place are not fun.
  10. Bearfoot charges extra for a cocktail made for your table as opposed to the bar, and they put ice in their manhattans. I have had some great cocktails at the fairmont lounge, but ask first if they still have the centennial cocktail program, or remember it. They should have fee bros bitters, and peychauds, also they use egg whites. Araxi also had some nice cocktails.
  11. so how can one tell which version the bottle is ? I need to go stock up.
  12. I too have noticed the well oiled bearfoot bandits, a hendricks martini was a whopping 24 dollars a drink. Which when considering it costs them less than $40 a bottle is shocking. I had a truly forgettable valentines dinner tonight. To be honest the only thing i will remember from the evening was the markup.
  13. Muse in kensignton has always been great for me. Cocktails wont happen, I mean I found only bar that had more than angosturna bitters and it still was disappointing. Have a read from accidental hedonist, Accidental Hedonists Calgary visit Accidental Hedonists research on where to go Make sure to read the comments
  14. so i made a point of introducing people to the scofflaw cocktail this evening even though i am in canada. That said I have found differing recipes. Drink boy calls for grenadine and cocktail db calls for chartruese. This is a big difference. Does anyone have any idea which is more accurate?
  15. No where in Victoria. The only place in Victoria that has anything more than Angosturna bitters is Brasserie L'ecole. As for Vancouver Jamie Bourdreau used to make his own for Lumiere, but he has since moved to Vessel in Seattle. Where he does make a few house made bitters. I dont think anywhere in Vancouver makes bitters.
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