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  1. How utterly marvellous for you. Perhaps if I had bothered to rear a couple of my own, then I too could deign to be quite so patronising as you. To quote their website " All our meat is from local farms and is free range, including our own Milestone exclusive rare breed pigs, born and raised in Sheffield". So it would appear I made an erroneous assumption after watching that Ramsay programme of old. The Milestone actually ask others to rear the pigs for them to use. One can only hope that the quote isn't an egregious lie and that the chaps at The Milestone don't actually pop down to Morrisons before service. I am less of a cynic and so would tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. Suitably chastened, I shall depart to "get a life". Perhaps a Monastic vow of silence with a little, light self flagellation thrown in. Who knows? Incidentally, Sidney-should you need any help in understanding when to use "there" and "their" in a sentence, my seven year old is currently learning this at school and would be delighted to help.
  2. I would be tempted by the Milestone , seem to remember them on the Ramsay programme. What stuck in my mind was that they rear their own pigs.
  3. I was at Fischers this time last week. Standouts were a tortellini of Vacherin served with a chicken jus and Derbyshire pork with peanut brittle and dehydrated crackling. We enjoyed the tasting menu at £50 and a little too much wine over four plus hours. Service was spot on. Will review soon. It's been a while!
  4. This is how I invariably feel after a day out with you. Talking of which - are we sorted for December? Sorry, back on topic- I really need to get to the Pipe & Glass. Everything I have seen and read makes want to go there, and with any luck, thanks to Mission Control, that should now happen before Christmas.
  5. I would agree with this wholeheartedly. By the time ours had reached 6 months, he had a 3 star and numerous 2 and 1 stars under his belt. I remember pushing him round the streets of Ludlow for thirty minutes and then, the instant he was asleep, charging like a mad man towards Hibiscus to join the missus for our lunch. Managed to get to pudding before he awoke. At that age they can be easily whisked away, should they create. Not so easy as they approach toddlerhood. So enjoy yourself and have a good trip.
  6. Maybe they do know something after all. Fantastic news Sat. Well done to your team. And great news re Tom Kerridge too.
  7. I too have been looking at this place and asked Jay about it. We are often in the vicinity as my Mother in Law lives quite nearby. Cheers for the information. Without wanting to hijack the thread - is Pea Porridgeon your radar?
  8. Don't think we haven't seriously thought about it mate. Trust me. But I'm already grey and losing my hair.
  9. Howard- I get the feeling you'll be well looked after when you return. May 09 2010 Trip Advisor review by some daft sod. Sat picks them up on their spelling of Nouvelle Cuisine. But I rather liked the last sentence....... "One reviewer wrote "food is a subjective experience", I agree totally but there are some things that you know are .................wrong and Sat Bains's there is just something wrong or lacking. Perhaps my pallet is more accustomed to a French style."
  10. No it's not changed hands. Robert Chamberlain is still the co-owner of La Cachette and yes, he owns Sous Le Nez; and still owns the defunct Millbank.
  11. Oh well. What the hell do they know anyway?
  12. About bloody time too. Well done. Now if I could just get a table for one please
  13. Usually sent out mid to late October.
  14. Arse "My sister lives up near Bolton" ergo I'll open a "fine dining restaurant".
  15. Mikeal would appear to be on fire. But pray tell- who is the gimp at the bar in this set of photos?
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