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  1. I'm glad that Fat Guy liked Domus; it really is good. Jason, your arrival is timed to coincide with some disruption in downtown Ottawa, where protesters are focusing their demonstrations against the G8 meeting in Alberta. Domus is in the market area, which may be a little busy due to the protests. Another great restaurant in the market area is Clair de Lune. I don't think that Fat Guy made it to Les Fougeres while he was here, but you should go. I think it is one of the best restaurants our country has to offer, and it specializes in truly regional "Canadian" cuisine. It is also located in a pretty house north of Ottawa in the Gatineau River valley. You can visit their website at www.fougeres.com. Enjoy your visit; I look forward to your impressions. From the "Fat Guy Eats Canada" series, he seemed to like Ottawa, but the report was cursory. I had the impression that he was in a hurry to get to Montreal, which is certainly wonderful in its own right, but I think that he missed some gems that our capital city has to offer.
  2. This is my first post on this board. Fat Guy's first Canada article appeared in the Ottawa Citizen this morning, so the question about Ottawa is timely! Others have suggested Domus and Les Fougeres: Both excellent. Signatures and Baccarat are also great, but very pricey and showy. There are a lot of great bistro-type places that have mains in the $15 to $20 (Cdn) range. Tartuffe and Le Sans Pareil in Hull are great. For Italian, Fratelli on Bank is stylish, and Trattoria Zingaro on Beechwood is amazing. Everyone I have sent or taken to Zingaro has been blown away. Enjoy!
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