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  1. Thanks dude! That place has really good lamb noodles too.
  2. Went to CXG last night and I loved it. Water cooked rabbit was delcious - in fact, it was so succulent, it had me second guessing if it was really rabbit (the tiny bones would indicate that it was rabbit). Star Dish was live spotted prawns stir fried with dried chili's, sichuan peppercorns, garlic and scallions. Spicy lemony tingle contrasting perfectly with sweet fresh prawns (which were cooked superbly). Now I am curious about the fried rabbit heads! Question - I though I saw a picture of a steamed rice/meat dish that was served with steamed white buns to wrap everything up in. But CXG says that they don't make it. Am I thinking of another place?
  3. More Spanish choices would be nice.
  4. The lines ups are for Santouka look crazy right now. I am dying to try it out though. Stay away from the Oru Ramen at the Fairmont Hotel. Overpriced and deeply underwhelming - despite the noodles being made in house.
  5. Look it THAT! Is that crushed sichuan pepper corn all over the Mao Po Tofu? Looks delicous...
  6. I agree - just enjoy yourself whole heartedly, and you'll get a great reception.
  7. mxkupc, not giving you a menu was odd. The first thing the waiter told us was that they would give us a copy of the menu. Bad mistep - but I would have asked for a copy, I don't think they would have had a big issue with it. It's funny that you mention the hostess - cause that was the only hiccup in service we had when I went. Essentially, the group that had our table was running about 20 minutes late. No problem on my part - because the table was to be ours the rest of the evening - and did not want to rush someone else through their FL experience. But the hostess says to us, in an experated tone "I dropped lots of hints, but I just can't get that table to leave!" I know that she meant this by way of chummy explanation - but I felt like that was bad mouthing your clientele, who were dropping hundereds of dollars per person. Kinda unprofessional. Obviously - a very slight hiccup.
  8. I've seen that place - and been very curious. Thanks for the heads up! I find most Thai in Vancouver incredibly sweet. I wonder if that is an issue with Vancouver thai places, or is emblematic of the cuisine in general.
  9. I think Golden Sichuan in Richmond does a hot pot. Their Burrard St location used to do one.
  10. Dynesty was run by the New World Hotel group from Hong Kong - and it was truly spectacular. I don't think there has been a place in Vancouver since that has matched the same level of service, decor and quality.
  11. Oh - just had dinner at Super Happiness tonight - and it was very good a usual. The owner said he is moving locations - shutting down his Victoria St for a Richmond outlet. Too bad - it was one of the better Chinese places in Vancouver.
  12. The fried buns at Chen's are crazy molten lava hot - I wonder of the frying top and bottom helps seal in the juices. I like Chen's malantou (chopped veggie) starter, their dark sesame pastry at lunch and the red bean spring rolls at dinner. I think Mrs Chen goes back to Shanghai for the break.
  13. I wish them the best also - they have been under the microscope right from the get go. The delays in opening must have been stressful.
  14. Fud - that's an awesome post. I love the shipping containers.
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