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After running away from a 7-year career at Microsoft in 2004, I ran a tiny import business specializing in foods and ceramics mostly from Asia. Before that I attended university in Indiana (DePauw) and Germany (Philipps-Universitaet Marburg) studying East Asian studies, where I developed the ability to speak Japanese badly.

After about 5 years operating my business (too little capital, slow-paying wholesale customers, low margins, wanting more time to spend with my lovely wife after taking on a day job again, the usual story), I decided to commit to being a software professional full-time again. In my off hours I think of devious ways to combine my interests in software and food.

I tend to be most inspired by simple, "sappari" foods that wake up the basic flavors of whatever is being cooked, but on the other hand I have a firm appreciation for complex flavor combinations that work.

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