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  1. Brilliant! Many thanks to everyone.
  2. I'll be attending a conference in Boston in a few weeks, staying downtown at the Westin Copley Hotel. I won't have a car. Can anyone recommend some good dinner and lunch places within walking distance? They don't all have to be 5 star -- a cheap 'n' cheerful place that serves local specialties would be fine too. Many thanks in advance. Looking forward to my first visit to the city.
  3. 'm in Tallinn Estonia right now and had great pancakes at Kompressor in Old Town. Off to Tartu tomorrow, then to Riga and then Lithuania. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I'll be in Tartu, Estonia for several days. I was wondering if anyone could recommend reasonable places to eat. I'm from an Eastern European background myself so I have no problem with pickled herring, sour cream, and potatoes. What I don't want is the super over-priced bad Italian and Japanese food that you find in so many tourist-heavy European cities Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi. I'm on a committee interviewing job candidates this coming week. We'll be in the Gastown area and have booked the Water Street Cafe for one night, but not sure what to do the others. We need a place that can seat 6, is not too loud, and will impress our guests with Vancouver's dining scene. That last time I ate in Gastown (the Taqueria aside) was at Al Porto and I was disappointed. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.
  6. We've been going to the Dundarave Fish Market for years now, on special occasions (like my 50th birthday) and when good friends are in town. The menu is interesting, with some great appies (the riptide squid is a must) and entrees that let your choose the fish and the sauce that goes with it. But tonight was a bit off. I asked, as I usually do, the server for her recommendation and she said the halibut. Fine, I order it as does my mother-in-law, with a ginger sauce. Very very disappointing. The fish on both of our plates a was cooked to death: dry and mealy. No amount of sauce could help it. That's the first time this has happened to me at this restaurant. Usually the fish is cooked perfectly. Not tonight: horribly overcooked fish and slightly undercooked vegetables. New chef? i don't know, but I need a new local seafood place.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful suggestions! You Chicago types are just as food mad as we are in Vancouver. Cheers.
  8. Hi. At a conference in beautiful Chicago, staying at the Hyatt on Wacker, right downtown on the canal. Any good places within walking distance for reasonably priced dinners? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Ginger and Soy is now open and is really quite good, certainly the best Chinese Food in West Van this side of the Red Door. And they deliver quickly and efficiently.
  10. I just saw this the other day and it looked close to opening. I can't wait. When I lived in Tokyo in the '80s gyundon was a life saver: cheap, tasty, and filling.
  11. Does anyone know where I can get fresh foie gras in Vancouver? It's easy enough to find the canned stuff, which is extended with other stuff, but I would like to get a real goose liver. Thanks.
  12. I just took mine to House of Knives in Park Royal. I know it's a chain, but they did an excellent job.
  13. Vip's restaurant in West Van, on Marine near 15th, has been replaced by a new store called Ginger and Soy and bearing the subtitle "Chinese cuisine." So far I haven't seen anyone in it, probably they haven't put a menu in the window so no one knows if it's expensive, regional, or what. Kind of a major mistake. Had lunch at the new Red Door location in Park Royal Village. Excellent, especially the ginger beef. The service was a bit too friendly and over the top for my taste, but I'd still go back for the food.
  14. Yes! And the people who run the place will treat you as a regular if you go back a few times.
  15. Parking is a nightmare, so try to go on off days. Mr. Haas also happens to be rock-star handsome and charming to boot. I love taking out-of-towners to his odd little shop and blowing them away with his pastries and chocolates.
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