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  1. Laurel --- Kudos to you for working Luigi (thats the name the company has given our ordering software) like an absolute champ. that was great.

    Pat --- Good question. Care to answer, Irwin? ;)

    Scorched P. --- I'll let the owners know. I'm not privy to everything, but my sense is that they are trying to push North right now and encircle the lake. I agree that there is a lot of potential biz in Madrona/Madison Park area. (BTW...Have you tried The AGOG? Mmmmmm.....roasted garlic....(Homer Simpson slobbering sounds.....)

    This may sound blasphemous, but I am really sorry to hear that Mad Pizza was so bad. I used to work for the guy that wrote the recipes and opened the Madison Park location, and one of my former employees was an assistant manager there b4 she got promoted to GM at their Fremont store. (Took them long enough, Onjoli!  :raz: ) I haven't eaten any of their pie in awhile, but I used to really like the one that they put apples on.

    I just encounted Mad Pizza a couple weeks ago (Fremont store). First-rate crust, really exceptional, but the tomato sauce was bitter, probably because it was loaded with low-quality dried oregano. What a bummer, in view of the great crust underneath. Made me want to bring my own sauce next time and ask them to put it on their pie and bake it.

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