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  1. We stay in this area every summer also. Periwinkles is great - we east there at least a few nights during our 1 week stay. Crab House just over bridge was pretty good. For lunch - every day, we go to Dixie Picnic where the pack you a delicious box lunch to bring to the beach. Enjoy your stay.
  2. Just wanted to put up this small review. I just moved to this area a few months ago & we tried Paulies Fri 11/14. It was me, wife, in laws, 8 year old daughter & new baby. When we arrived about 6:00 pm - place looked packed, lot was practically full - we almost didnt go in to check how long the wait was but glad we did. Turns out there was no wait, they have a huge happy hour crowd in another area. Lots of couples & families with kids. The menu is really varied, you could get almost anything - all of us were happy with choices. Service good - we all enjoyed our meals & prices were very reasonable. Owner came over & introduced himself - very nice. Good experience & glad to have it in our hood.
  3. I pass this place often while out on sales visits. Looks like a garage - has sign out front 5 lobster $45 Lobster Tails - etc Anyone know the deal? Good?
  4. I just moved a few weeks ago from Englewood Cliffs to River Vale. Looking for recommendations in River Vale, Westwood & other neighboring areas. Here are a few I have been to: Jacks Cafe - love it Backwoods - love it Iron Horse - good staple Daniel - love it Any other recs? Thanks
  5. I took the family there Friday 7/4 - Westwood was really empty & Backwoods was pretty full = good sign. Most of us had ribs - very good, very tasty, little bit spicy, but I liked it. The sides - onion rings, fries & BBQ baked beans were really excellent. Few in the party had burgers - also said very good. Very good service & nice people. I just moved to this area & will be back often.
  6. My wife & I usually go out without the kid Saturday nights. Usually dinner or movie etc When we are done we usually have trouble finding a place to go for coffee & maybe dessert. One week we went to Cafe Angelique in Tenafly - good coffee - rude service, ice cold room & stale canoli Last week we went to Kudo Beans in Fort Lee - good coffee, good service, stale pecan pie & we were the only caucasians in the place (not a big deal). Anyone have any similar BUT better ideas We live in Englewood Cliffs, but will travel some. Thanks
  7. This place you mention www.marcelslivemainelobsters.com looks awsome. I live in Bergen & have never heard from it. I checked out the website - can you tell me more - looks like a retail store? I can just walk in & pickup one of those lobster dinners cooked & ready? Thanks
  8. We are going next week for 4 nights. Anything new or recommended?
  9. I had been asking for reviews for a while & nobody reponded so I finally checked it out myself. I had high hopes as it is practically across the street from where I live. Went Friday 3/9 with wife, 6 year old daughter & in-laws. 6:00 pm & there was only one other table occupied. When there food came out as we were being seated we all smelled something great & were told it was the porterhouse for 3 - smelled as good as Lugers. So, for the 4 adults we had porterhouse for 3, tomato & onion & caeser salad. The tomato & onion I was told was very good, but tomato was little under Luger quality - may just be the season. Steak was very good - perfectly cooked - great flavor. My daughter had a burger she enjoyed. We were told chef worked at Lugers & there was a housemade sauce on the table that we all felt was identical to Lugers. Excellent service & very pretty decor. Total bill with a few drinks was $160, before tip. We will definitely be back regularly - even if it wasnt so close to home. When we left, theplace was about 3/4 full. I recommend everyone try it.
  10. I know it is owned by same people who run River Palm - one of my favorites. A few people I know have tried it & all said it is good, but not that special & VERY pricey. When I say pricey - they said compared with what 90 Grand was & Sanzari, in Tenafly (2 of my favorites) this is more expensive. Some were put off that the same salad you get included with meal at River Palm is extra $ there. I still want to try myself. Recent reviews in Bergen Record not very good
  11. I think I was probably one of the few who wrote on the place earlier, BUT, I must say I have been probably 6 times since & love it. Service, food & ambiance are all wonderful. I have gone with & sent many different people & have never heard a bad comment. I suggest you try it
  12. Not sure if mentioned yet, but very close to my house in Englewood Cliffs, Cafe Italiano has outdoor seating - very nice. Not a huge fan of the place but many I know like it.
  13. I just heard they are also opening in Edgewater, in the old movie theatre location in the Binhamton Shopping Center. Anyone else here this
  14. Crab House in Cliffside, on Anderson is very good - not a fancy place but very fresh fish & I have had good steamers there - w/ tail. One of our favorites there is the crabcake & they also make a crababella - carbcake on portabella which is great. Some people confuse it with Crab House in Edgewater which is a chain & is horrible - basically all just frozen & fried stuff. Mcormick & Schmicks is pretty good also - been a few times, always happy
  15. Just wanted to write a quick review. After reading about this place here for a while, last week I stopped in for 1st time & got a chicken caeser salad - very good, & very fresh. Good Friday, stopped in a got the lobster roll for my wife & lobster salad for me - It was worth the drive - about 15-20 min each way. Really good value too. Very nice people - really fresh food - I will be back aften - just wish it was slightly closer to home.
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