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  1. A few years ago on a trip, some friends rented an apartment near rue Daguerre in the 14th. We spent several evenings eating in after shopping along the way back from wherever it was we were during the day, and I had the feeling more than a few times that I could do a lot worse than to live nearby that street. Convenient to RER at Denfert-Rochereau, too.
  2. That was exactly our experience last year. We stayed at the Sofitel Royal on Place Bellecour after having driven around Burgundy for a few days. The round trip in a cab was pennies compared to the bill at Bocuse and it was a nice way to see the route without having to worry about driving it yourself after eating and drinking for a few hours. I agree with the others who caution about having expectations of creativity: that's not what eating there is all about. The food was perfect, the setting is steeped in history, and our waiter warmed up when we told him we were from Northern California: it seems his goal is to make it to French Laundry Our food-French (especially about cheese) was better than his English, so it helped us to steer him away from explainations that were translated. I can well imagine that if we were to go again in 10 years, perhaps the only thing that would be different is that we might not get a glimpse and wish of bon appetite from the man himself again.
  3. I bet any place you call your neighborhood dump probably has some pretty good eatin' ... Rather than start a new thread ... my gf and I are going to be in Paris next week with another couple; they are fishatarians on their first trip to Paris who claim they just might give up their political gastronomic stance for the right circumstance. Nevertheless, can someone suggest a place that might specifically allow one to avoid all the random bits of meat that (deliciously, for us; not so much for them) show up in a stellar prix fixe without blowing the lunch or their karma?
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