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  1. Cafe Star's head chef Rebecca Weitzman left last year, which probably has something to do with it.
  2. If you want to know what's good to eat, read the reviews. They're archived. Best of (insert name of city) lists are a homework assignment. It's all about finding places to fit required categories and inventing categories to highlight impressive plates. The latter are more reliable indicators of greatness than the former, but that's just the nature of the beast. From everything I've read, you're not looking for an americanized version of a chinese restaurant anyway, so try not to be too cynical. An honest list would include four dozen awards for Frasca, but that's not really what people want to
  3. Cafe Star....(http://denver.citysearch.com/profile/41791618/denver_co/cafe_star.html) ....would probably fit the bill. It's about halfway between York and Colorado on Colfax. Not cheap, but can be done fairly cheaply. Very nice space, warm, friendly, chic but not pretentious, something for everyone food-wise. Mezcal is right around there, too, if you're looking for Mexican. But Cafe Star is better.
  4. Hey, I never said anything against Colorado's chili. Chili they do just fine. It's the chile that needs some work. Look, I'm not saying Potager isn't a good restaurant. But you have to take into consideration the fact that there are different chefs in town these days. They're pedigreed chefs opening up neighborhood restaurants with food to rival the best in the country. The stodgy standbys of yesteryear are being nudged out. Tante Louise being a prime example. Now you've got these great younger chefs having fun with the food and really blowing people away. Michael Long at Opus, John Daly at C
  5. With all due respect, Busboy, I have lived all over this country (NY, Philly, LA, San Fran) and Denver has some of the finest food around. The only thing I can't get here that I crave is basic strip-mall Italian like I grew up on, but I can get better-than-basic Italian at Cafe Jordano, SW of town, and incredible upper-end Italian at Luca D'Italia. From Star of India in Fort Collins to the Royal Peacock in Boulder down to India's in Denver, I've had amazing Indian food. I've had perfectly good Chinese food at Twin Dragon and the Imperial, and some fine Chinese dishes at not-strictly-Chinese re
  6. I don't know about wholesale, but you might want to try Marczyk's Fine Foods http://www.marczykfinefoods.com/ at 770 E. 17th Ave or Cook's Fresh Market http://www.cooksfreshmarket.com/ or maybe one of the Tony's Markets http://www.tonysmarket.com/. Parisi's is a restaurant with a small deli section. You might want to try them, too http://www.parisidenver.com/. If none of these places have what you're looking for, they'll most likely be able to tell you where to go to get it. Good luck with your move.
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