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  1. Had truffle tasting menu at Lai Toh Heen. Tastes get redundant after awhile.. using similar sauces for various dishes. The dessert is very good though - A butter squash steamed bun with truffle honey. Cost is $128 for 2 (6 courses)
  2. went to this place couple months back. For the price we thought it was ok... nothing real spectacular to warrant a return. One of the Martini's I had was quite good though... forgot which one.
  3. Mustachio's is my favourite sandwich joint in T.O too.... I didn't have time to go down to the market today... but picked up some fries from the fry truck in front of City Hall.. They advertise as "Best fries in town" and I tend to agree at least for truck food!
  4. I didn't see pastrami on the menu, but next time I'll order smoked meat. Do you know if any of their meat is hand sliced?!? As for today.. think i'll go pick up a veal sandwich at Mustacio's
  5. After reading this thread, went to Zupas this afternoon to grab a sandwich. Ordered a corned beef on rye. Sandwich was decent... One thing I noticed was that the meat was not hand sliced... I must say Centre Street Deli is still the best in T.O... which IMHO is still a few steps down from Schwartz.
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