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  1. Good points barolo...

    Your reference to James Barber's 'Ginger Tea...' brought a smile to my face as a copy of that same book popped up in a box of old books just 3 or 4 weeks ago!. Anyone who hasn't seen it...search it out. A classic. (in a Barber type of way)

    A few things popped into my mind when this thread first started. (places, people, etc that made a difference on our local dining scene) It seems that one of the things that raised the awareness of diners was accessibility to finer dining in the 'burbs'.

    1) Bruno Marti brought fine cuisine to the burbs and thus enticed all those on the 'other' side of the tunnel to venture out seeking dining adventures.

    2) Steveston Seafood House raised the bar for ambiance and cuisine again in the burbs.

    I haven't been since the mid eighties though and have heard it has lost it's charm (?) Anyone know??

    3) I agree with Neil in regards to Tidball (The Keg & McDonalds) Both in the burbs again! (Richmond and N. Vancouver respectively)

    As well there was a real shift in the mid-eighties towards a more guest centred experience. That is, more emphasis was placed on the guest (or customer service) than there had been in the past, even in your more Mom & Pop eateries. As guests became more accustomed to better service and a varied dining experience, proprietors could experiment more and deliver new experiences. This combined with some of the already mentioned points in this thread ( global economy, changing racial demographics, etc) may have pushed us to where we are now. I for one am glad it did!

    Perhaps (and this is only a guess) one of the tipping points was the level of service and type of cuisine found outside of 'Downtown' brought a level of dining TO the guest, rather than the guest having to seek it out thus changing attitudes all 'round.

    Just my two cents....


  2. Does anyone else share these habits....

    1) Ramen noodles (Ichiban, etc..) right out of the bag! Just crunch 'em up in the bag, open and take out the little seasoning bag, sprinkle on the dried noodles ( all in nice little bite sized chunks) and enjoy! I've been doing this since I was a kid and only buy certain flavours (ie: beef & regular....I don't like the chicken ones)

    2) Miracle whip, peanut butter and cheese sandwhiches. This one grosses out the wife, but I love it.

    3) When I order crab or lobster in a restaurant, I ask for chopped raw garlic and put it in my melted butter. Perfectly normal. But then when I've finished my entree and there is no more bread to sop up the garlic infused butter, I'll dip a teaspoon or even my finger right in and finish it up! (caution...blow out the candle before trying this!

    Oh there are so many more...


  3. Though not in Vancouver, two recent business trips took me to Seattle:


    We sat in the lounge (beautifully appointed by the way) after our pitch to the client. Still feeling a little nervous we were looking for some kind of comfort food to settle us down.

    Decided on the "Posh Mac & Cheese" with english stilton, truffles and cauliflower. I may never make mac and cheese again, not after this treat!! Washed it all down pint of guiness and a glass of Lagavulin..

    I can't wait to go back for dinner...amazing!

    Back home I decided to hit the Keg on Thurlow to catch up with some friends. Great New York cooked to perfection and Alaskan Crab....mmmm! Fairly impressive new wine list and the cheapest Single Malt prices Downtown, made this a great visit. (and yes I worked for the Keg for years, but really it can be hit and miss at times...this time it was a hit!)

    Off to Seattle again, and good news. New client. Time to celebrate so off we went to The Union Restaurant.


    We did a lot of celebrating but the Roasted Bluenose Bass with fennel and lobster salad definately sticks out in my mind. This is one serious restaurant in a pretty hip part of Seattle. Very cool interior and awesome service. Oh yeah, we started our celebration with a little bubbly (Jaques Selosse Brut) and ended the evening with a '97 Leonetti Cellar Merlot. (I think!) A great place if you should find yourself in Seattle.


  4. Just kidding eatbc....

    It is great that a restaurant manager can take the OPINION of a poster here and use it as a catalyst for change in his establishment!! That is the basis of the "owner/manager & guest" relationship. Listen, acknowledge, take action.

    Is the customer always right, no. However, he/she is always the customer and it's alright for the customer to be wrong!

    If anything, C Restaurant has been consistent in it's delivery and execution. It also has something that has evaded many restaurants in Vancouver ...... staying power.

    Cheers Leonard,


  5. Tonight's dinner.... pasta.....

    Problem....no Parm Reg. in the house.....

    Risk going to Save - On - Foods???? the pasta is in the pot...no choice...... It is only two blocks from my house in Delta!!

    OK..... excellent selection of Parm Reg...3 different brands...at a stunningly low price!...( generous wedge for about $8.00!!)...

    Decided to do a rissotto because I was so giddy that I had so much on hand!!!

    I was actually surprised at the selection of cheeses that they had at Save-On!


    edited to say please excuse the typos and grammar as I am typing with one hand....

    ...and holding my 3 month old baby in the other...... oh...you people are sick.....


  6. Alot of people don't know that the once unheralded hanger steak makes for a great beef fajita!!

    I think many places in Vancouver (at least the ones that serve fajitas still) don't serve them on "sizzling" cast iron skillets anymore, after a rather disturbing and nasty incident at a local eatery in the mid nineties that lead to a 60 year old woman exposing 2nd degree burns on her inner thighs at trial!!!

    I sure miss the sizzle though!!

    (from the fajitas!)


  7. Kaplans is the best deli in town......according to my Jewish in-laws...and I can attest to it!!

    We have Kaplans <deli> at least 2 or 3 times a month at family gatherings..... ( the < & > were inserted because that is how we refer to anything that comes from Kaplans........."DELI" just so we know what kind of dinner it is going to be!)

    They have a boccinini and tomato salad, dressed in a tarragon vinagrette that is to die for...never mind the huge kosher dills (nice and tart...pucker up!) and the meats are great....

    Always a treat....


  8. I was at The Heather the other night....do not mention eGullet to any one!!!! If your name is ....










    No darkenning!!!

    However......my pint was pleasantly warm ...and the service...just like back in the mo' land...


  9. As always in the Vancouver thread...post at your own peril!!!

    This is getting seriously silly folks......

    Addesso is a new room in our GEOGRAPHICAL area...posts here are meant to reflect our GEOGRAPHICAL area's tastes.....that might not do much for 'crushedtesticles' in New York...but is of great service to us in Vancouver....

    I had a great experience on my first venture to the DOOMED location that alot of eG'ers have raved about on another thread...lets get back to what matters....and leave the idle chit-chat for " I-need-a -foodie-date.com"


  10. I just did a search for it on eGullet and found an article by Jamie, it is being redone....

    Anyone know what happened to Rob Ward (I believe he owned it for some time with another fellow) I worked with him at the Keg as a manager back in '96.

    Just curious.


  11. There is a little tiny place in Steveston called (oddly enough) Little Mexico Cantina. Great food with warm and cheerful service. It was started by a couple from Mexico (the husband takes care of the back end, his wife the FOH) Marcia (Marcy) and Peter.

    We have been regulars there since they opened and have never been disappointed. The decor is a bit over the top, but as the owners say "That's what people want, they ask for all this crazy stuff to be put up...they bring us these things back from Mexico...what can we do but put them up!"

    The menu is simple but very well executed and if your up for something truly Mexican, just ask whoever is serving you (usually Marci herself but it could be her daughter) to get Peter to make something special for you.

    Authentic Mexican in Vancouver??? Yup. Simple, uncomplicated and delicious.

    Oh yeah...the prices are awesome.

    Check out their web site:


    No I am not being paid to pump the place up. I'm just showing that Mexican can and is being executed in Vancouver.



  12. Hi all:

    Funny you should mention Fresgo's!!!

    The other night as my wife lay in the hospital, expecting the birth of our second child (Emma was born on Nov. 30th!!) at St. Paul's she suddenly said:

    "I could go for a burger" it wasn't late, about 11:30 pm so I went out in search of a decent burger "to go".

    Since I was in a hurry I didn't bother to deal with the parking nightmare Downtown, and set out on foot.

    As I rounded the corner of Thurlow & Davie....there it was....Fresgo's.

    I haven't been there since I lived in the West End (some 15 years ago) but fondly remember their burgers. I also fondly remembered the decor....it hasn't changed much since my last visit.

    As I perused the menu...just off to the left...there it was...."Double Bacon & Cheese Burger with fries" $6.95!!!!!!

    It was huge and it was delicious!! Still piping hot after the 8 - 10 minute wait for the elevator at the hospital on my way back up. The fries were "good" but for $6.95 it was a steal!!!

    In a pinch, a great burger to go.

    Cheers from a sleepy Dad!!


  13. Anyone else going?

    I'll be there along with five other Dubrulle students. We'll be helping out with food prep for the House Party on Thursday evening and also for the CRUSH gala on Friday night. Hopefully we'll get a chance to taste some wines after our work is done on Friday night.

    Leaving tomorrow morning. Should be an exhausting couple of days, but lots of fun and educational too. :biggrin:


    Get to the Bearfoot if you can.....a real blast!!!


  14. I met the owner of a place called The Ridge Bistro in Maple Ridge. He compared his food (with a perfectly straight face) to the food at Lumiere. Scared to take one for the team though. My truck and car have carved a groove in the pavement from my crib to the city for restaurant eating.

    That is funny.. I met a guy in Abbotsford at a small "family-style" greek place...he was the owner....without me asking he comes up to my table and says:

    Him: "You know.........(greek ......pause........ you just know itsa gonna be seriousa....) I shipa that dressinga alllllllllllllllllllllll over the world...."

    me: "It really is good..."

    Him: "$4.50 for 10 ounces...I'll get you some... be right back.."

    me: "HUH"

    To this day..... I make the trip from the Lower Mainland to Abbotsford ...just to pick up this "House" dressing from this crazy place beside an IGA in ABBY almost weekly....apparently it doesn't "KEEP" so well....so you " MUST EAT FRESH!"

    What we do .....


    By the way....He was right it is ......devine...


  15. The John B Pub actually has a fairly serious food program and a great little wine list. They also host wine dinners from time to time. And right next door is their wine store--one of the best in the province. It's not unusual to see Vancouver restaurateurs shopping there on Friday afternoons, even if Brian Jessel has recently moved his BMW franchise closer in to town.

    Jamie...I just finished singing your praises tonight to come home and see such a blatant plug...ohhhh...jamie!!!

    My heart...

    And I'm not talking about "THE" JOHN B, which you are quite right ...it does have a lovely little wine program.... but your buddy Brian does not need a plug here....don't we all drive beemers anyway????


  16. I would love nothing more than to see the Fuller group do it again...but I seriously think they are venturing out of their own comfort zone.....OPM...not good!!.. been there as a guest of the "BIG F" and it was so terrible...I don't even know what to say to him when he calls on Friday....as a very smart man once said...

    "Stick to what you know...."

    I think those were his last words, but they say so much.....


    Quote is attributted to the incomprable.......George Tidball...

    no snickers!!....

    and NO...they weren't his last words... but if he wants to use 'em....

    Send a check to the "Save the Naugha" foundation....haven't we taken enogh of their hides????


  17. Based on my experience there ...I'll save tape for a good episode of Thunderbirds or maybe that episode of Upstairs/Downstairs I missed when I was 5 years old.....really...you want to play in a town like Vancouver....compete...don't fool around with..."Well when the chef is here...." BUNK! 2nd time back......not impressed!!!

    Get it together...you have a great thing there...but????

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