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  1. They started out being closed Monday and Tuesday, but they've exapanded their hours and are now only closed on Monday.
  2. Agreed with vengroff -- eat as much Mexican food as you can before you go. There is no (well, hardly any) Mexican food in NY, other than Azteca-like places. Especially outside of the city.
  3. Yeah, I am a vegetarian... but I rarely eat at vegetarian restaurants because I tend to dine out with people who like all types of food. I just get tired of eating the same grilled portabella sandwich at so many restaurants in Seattle. I don't need more than one option, it would just be nice if that option was changed every now and then. Matt's is a great place, so I'm just surprised they're not a little more creative with their veggie offering. P.S. - I haven't seen the new menu.
  4. I love the location and the people, but I wish the menu would change... there's only so many times I can eat ANOTHER grilled portabella sandwich, no matter how good it is.
  5. I walked by Harvest Vine yesterday hoping to stop in for a glass of wine and a bite, and they were packing everything into big moving trucks! Luckily, they're just going to be closed for a couple of weeks for a kitchen remodel.
  6. This does look like an interesting idea... looking forward to seeing you around town. Looking over the menu, I notice that you don't have any vegetarian sandwiches or mains. Is this just an oversight, or an intentional business decision? You'll notice a vegetarian option at almost all restaurants in Seattle, except for non-local chains. Even steakhouses (even El Gaucho), have vegetarian options. I'd say that especially since you plan on setting up shop in places like farmers markets, I'd say it would be a good idea to think about tweaking the menu to include some vegetarian friendly food.
  7. Me too -- with the painting of Red smoking a joint by the front door! Classic. You know about the parking lot across the street, right? It's a block away but much less scary.
  8. cheers to that!Like Black Bottle didn't... cough, cough -- although now they're a gastro-tavern??
  9. XO Bistro has been closed for a couple of months... actually it's for sale if anyone is interested. I ate there once and thought it was good. It had the same owners as Maximilien in the Market. LMF, are you sure you're not thinking of The Cellar Bistro, located in the same building as XO, around back? That place is the WORST, weirdest Italian restaurant I've ever eaten at. I can't believe it's still open.
  10. I spoke with the owners of Entre Nous a day or so after their opening. A nice couple, husband as chef, wife doing the business side I believe. I don't recall where the chef worked before, but the menu is simple takes on French food; things he likes to make for himself. As an example, one of the lunch items is basically a nicoise salad on a baguette. Lots of other baguette sandwiches, streak frites, and fondue. I didn't try anything because they weren't actually open when I spoke to them -- it was Easter Sunday... and a friend and I got caught peering into the window and invited in. They've really done a fabulous job transforming the space... it's got a French bistro feeling without a hint of the former Mamacita's.
  11. Up on 15th Ave E on Capitol Hill... Rainbow Natural Grocery closed on Sunday. No real surprise there, their shelves have been 50% empty for maybe a year. I'll miss it though. Up the block on the other side, Cypress closed suddenly. The space it occupied really does seem to be cursed, I can think of four restaurants that have been in there in as many years. As for the new tenant, I heard an unconfirmed rumor about cupcakes....
  12. I hate making reservations, because I rarely know what I feel like eating until I'm hungry for the night's meal. So I like places that don't take them for small parties, because it means that I have as good a chance as anyone else to get a table. I realize that this means I'll usually have to wait a bit to get seated, but I expect it so it doesn't bother me. If the wait is too long, I'll go somewhere else. I feel differently when I'm organizing a dinner for large group. It usually takes a lot of pre-planning to get a large party together; working with everyone's schedules means figuring out when and where we're going to eat is a must. At these times, a reservation is essential. The "eight or more" policy you mention for Marazul does seem excessive though... most places seem to have minimum of six.
  13. I definitely prefer Carmelita to Cafe Flora, even though their chefs (and thus the menu) do change often. An article ran in the Seattle Times recently: Six degrees of Carmelita. It's really interesting to see how many of Seattle's top chefs have made their way through Carmelita's kitchen over the years. Seattle is a fairly vegetarian-friendly town, with most restaurants having at least one entree option, so there's really no need to seek out all-veg places unless you really want to.
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