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  1. I Just drove by and Chimichurri Grill has been replaced by another restaurant. It was 2 blocks down from the park on the same side. There main location is in Manhattan (around 9th avenue & 43rd). Do you know if Chimichurri Grill has moved? or is closed? We just spent a good half hour walking from 70 - 79th street in Bergenline (according to search it's on 77th) but could not find it? ←
  2. I am at the same crossroads. I am shopping for a new range and previously and currently have always had gas. Everyone seems to say that electric is better and even if that is true, how much better is it really? Does anyone know someone who got a gas range and is kicking them selves for not getting electric? Keba
  3. I think your best bets in the area are: La Sorrentina (Italian) on Bergenline in North Bergen Brooklyn's Pizza in Edgewater (Target mall River Road) Sabor for higher end Latin (North Bergen River Road) Turkish: Beyti Kabab Argentinian: Chimichurri Grill on Bergenline Roast Chicken: Pollos a La Brasa Mario (Bergenline @43rd) There are a lot of good (not great) Cuban, Columbian, Mexican, etc places on Bergenline Ave. I tried a bunch and they are all decent and inexpensive but I never found any to be outstanding. My favorite is a Cuban restaurant on the corner of 46th and Bergenline called Manollos La Cachita which is very good for fried red snapper / broiled filets of fish. They have a full menu but I generally try to stick with the fish. Give those a try. Just stay away from the PF Changs, Chart House, ETC Keba
  4. I totally forgot about those funnel cakes. Those were a real treat! What other original tenants were up there besides Sgarlato's, Funnel Cakes, Nathan's and Farrels? Was McDonalds always there also? Keba
  5. I grew up in Bergen County and remember going to Paramus Park Mall with my parents as a kid. These days I rarely have a need to go there but I had a craving for Chick-Fil-a the other night so I headed over there for a snack. The mall has certainly changed a lot but Chick-Fil-a is still going strong over 30 years. Nathans has been downsized and all of the other original tenants are gone. I was trying to explain to my wife about Scarlatos (sp?) pizza and how good it was. She challenged me and said that my memory of eating there as a kid was probably inaccurate, which certainly could be the case. I remember it being very thin, crusty with a very flavorful sauce. Am I correct? Was it really good pizza or if I had it today would it just be mediocre like most mall pizza. Does anyone have specific memories or know anything about the original owners? I assume that it was an individual pizzeria and not part of a chain. Thanks Keba
  6. My wife and I got married at Tribeca Grill in NYC on a Sunday afternoon. We had around the same number of people as you. The restaurant is on the ground level but there is a loft space upstairs with a separate entrance that could probably hold up to 100 people. We used the screening room for the reception. Everything turned out great and the price was relatively reasonable. The area is also quiet on a Sunday afternoon and street parking was not too much of a problem for guests. I have also been to a similar event as yours at the Water Club on the East Side. Another place to consider is City Hall Restaurant in Manhattan. Keba
  7. Honestly I don't think there is anything that will resemble yucatecan cuisine anywhere in this area. I can't speak for other areas in the Yucatan outside of Cozumel but even there you are going to seek it out way beyond the typical tourist zone. OP: Where exactly are you docking? Keba
  8. I went to college in Buffalo and went back last year to make sure all the memories were correct. If you only had one place to go I would go to Duffs as mentioned above. If you were able to try a few I would go to the Anchor Bar just for the experience but just don't order too much. If you have time also go to La Nova on Main. It is mostly a take out place but there is a stand up counter where you can eat. Try the BBQ wings there. Enjoy! Keba
  9. Keba

    BBQ in NNJ

    assuming, of course, that we like KC BBQ the best. i prefer central south carolina and eastern north carolina BBQ. to me they are true expressions of BBQ. and to a lot of other people as well. comparing KC BBQ to all other BBQ makes about as much sense as comparing it to dry-aged steaks or pasta. while they are related by name and smoke, they're totally different animals. if you'll pardon the pun. ← I'm not so sure that the point is KC BBQ or Carolina BBQ or Texas BBQ per se--I think the point is enjoying genuine BBQ at its origin where they really do it right vs having BBQ in NY/NJ where they can imitate but not duplicate genuine BBQ. Kind of like having a NY style bagel in Florida. As best as they try to make one, it's just not as good as the "real thing." ← Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Tommy my friend who now lives in East Hanover has been to plenty of BBQ places here. Enough for him to form an opinion that NJ "BBQ" places are not in the same league he grew up on. I found the same when I lived in Kalifornia for a year. Not one pizza place that served a decent slice and I visited plenty. Could there be some hole in the wall place in NJ that serves great BBQ equivalent to the real thing? Sure. ← This should probably be another thread but I am sure that any of these local foods (ie NY pizza, KC/NC/TN BBQ, bagels, Buffalo wings, etc) could be produced anywhere but they are not. I think the problem is that they don't need to be. People are just fine with chain pizza, or KFC Buffalo wings, etc so someone who wants to try to do it right finds out that there are very few people who can appreciate it. So, they either don't succeed as much as they though they would because people don't care or they find out that it is not worth the effort to continually try to raise the bar. Keba
  10. Keba

    BBQ in NNJ

    I agree with you 100% My wife and I went to KC and Memphis last year just to get an education. I have read over and over on EG that any of the places around here do not compare and I have to agree. Memphis was very good but KC was AMAZING! I think about it all the time and am planning on going back. We were there for less than 36 hours and went to 5 places. Even the worst of the five was excellent. I still enjoy Blue Smoke and Dinosaur but they are not KC. Keba
  11. I will be up there this weekend and I was wondering if it is still very crowded outside of lunch/dinner times. Can anyone confirm what time they open? Thanks Keba
  12. I do not feel qualified to say what is the *best* dim sum in Flushing is but I did go to Gum Fung last week and thought it was very good. A big plus is that parking is very easy with a municipal lot across the street. For comaprison, the Manhattan dim sum restaurants I have been to are Jing Fong and Golden Unicorn. I think they are both very good also with a slight edge to Jing Fong. I have yet to find any NY place that can compare to places on the west coast. Enjoy! Keba FYI: Gum Fung Restaurant 136-28 39th Avenue Flushing 718-762-8821
  13. When I got my new dishwasher (GE) I acually looked in the manual (not about this issue) and seem to remember that forks and spoons should face up and knives should have the pointy side down for obvious reasons. Keba
  14. I also have not been there in several years but never had the desire to go back (nothing to do with the smoke). Unfortunately it was so long ago that I can't remember the details. Keba
  15. I don't know the name of the market but attached to the Pho Tu Do restaurant there is a Vietnamese market that is very well stocked with a lot of fresh ingredients. Address: Pho Tu Do 119 Bowery 212-966-2666 Keba
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