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  1. I believe that the kimchee stew was off the menu when I stopped by last week. I was at a loss as I've never had anything else there. Hope it's just for the warm months and it returns in the fall.
  2. That's too bad if that is the case going forward. What was the main skillet special last night?
  3. flinflon28

    Per Se

    As Sneakeater posted the lobster issue has been mentioned previously but dropping the check with dessert seems 100% out of character with Per Se. I've never had that happen there and don't think I've heard it mentioned before. Also being in and out in 90 minutes is dissapointing.
  4. flinflon28

    Per Se

    Could you be more specific as to what the issues you experienced might have been?
  5. I've had two lunches at Perry Street in the past few weeks and must say that the $26 3 course lunch menu they are offering is still for the most part out of this world. I myself have had the ginger rice bowl (twice), the burger and the skate. All have been terrific. Friends have tried the tomato soup (excellent) and the hanger steak (just ok mostly because of a strange spice rub that may have been used on it) but no one has been dissapointed. Service has always been friendly and both times have been walk ins.
  6. Well hell I'm REALLY looking forward to this Sunday's reservation now.
  7. flinflon28


    If YOU can't stand letter writing people that doesn't mean that it's a poor way to provide feedback and to assume that the person's sole reason for doing so is to get "free stuff" is the eptiome of smugness. If some people aren't comfortable asserting themselves in person then there is absolutely nothing wrong with them putting pen to paper. Having worked back and front of house I can say from my experience that letters do not create problems in the management chain or stress people out. If they do then this management chain isn't staffed with the right people. Granted some letters that will received might be illogical but to dismiss the method seems inappropriate.
  8. Thank you for continually advocating for Beacon Fat Guy. Your most recent post just prompted me to make a reservation for 2/15. REALLY looking forward to it.
  9. Maybe they're taking bids like on The Price is Right
  10. How much is it? ← I THINK it was in the low $30s.
  11. Same here. Didn't order it but the couple next to us did. The smell was intoxicating.
  12. I can only report that the Kimchi Stew is still out of this world. Unfortunately can't bring myself to order anything else off the menu when that is one of the options.
  13. And Michael Laskonis's desserts are great...don't deprive yourself!
  14. It's also worth noting that for the time being they are closed Sunday and Monday
  15. I work on 125th & Broadway and our clients go out of their way to visit us so they finally have an excuse to visit Dinosaur. I've been working here three years and it's still great. The burgers are excellent too.
  16. The Half King on 23rd and 10th has a very authentic Irish Breakfast that they sell at brunch. And the Shepherd's pie is excellent too.
  17. Had a late lunch/early dinner at Noodle Bar today. The menu is now written on blackboards so they no longer have to hand out menus. Noticed a new starter of "Soy Sauce Egg". Basically a medium/hard boiled egg topped that seemed lightly infused with soy sauce and topped with chives and I think crispy garlic bits. The dish was a let down because the egg was served ice cold. Like it almost hurt your teeth to bite into it because it was so cold. At room temperature I think the flavors would have been more pronounced and enjoyable but as it was it just tasted like cold egg. Kimchee stew was as incredible as ever. Also noticed they're now serving a skate dish with brussel sprouts which I could have sworn I had as Ssam Bar about two months ago.
  18. Yes. By "ordering" I meant that the server offered us a second loaf and we said YES!
  19. The Apple Kimchi and the pork shoulder "steak" (If I'm remembering that correctly) were the big winners for us last week. Also believe it or not the very simple "bread and butter" was fantastic too. Just basically baguette with two types of butter. So delicious we needed a second order of bread.
  20. Going for dinner tonight. Guessing with the holiday and recent financial news it won't be too crowded tonight.
  21. We had similar issues with the wait staff and wine service. Not enough to affect the meal significantly but still noticeable.
  22. Agreed. Our two top had the Farmer's Feast and I don't think we were served about 1/3 to half of those dishes. Yet we didn't have anything that wasn't listed. Still...we were quite full by the end.
  23. "Dogs and cats living together....MASS HYSTERIA!"
  24. Good on you Nathan! I know you said you haven't been to the Modern Main Dining Room but you should treat yourself to the Tarte Flambe and liverwurst in the bar room one last time till you get back!
  25. I do too (love their MASSIVENESS). But did you find service for the inner-booth people a tad stressful? Lots of ARMS. Still, I don't mind. I'd rather have the space and let THEM do the reaching. ← Actually we were a party of two sat in one of those Lincon Navigator sized booths so there was reaching but it wasn't as forced as it would be if there were four diners. Felt like sitting at you dad's desk at work when you're 6 years old but we loved the space. We were actually discussing that the two tops by the windows are chump change compared to the booths if you're a two top. I'm sure that might be different in daylight when the view out the windows is visible.
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