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  1. Indeed that was us! Definitely a small world. How funny...I don't post for months, and when I do - instant connect... I would highly recommend the dish though...nice date night meal. The shimp appetizer was very tasty as well. And also - as a side note. Chocolate Mousse is possibly my favorite dessert alongside fresh berries and cream. To have them both together...it was a good night...
  2. Another great meal at Ray's...finally had the Chateaubriand with my husband. We always wanted to have it, but always went with friends that we just had to introduce to the beauty that is a steak at Ray's. Fred and I had promised ourselves that we could only have the Chateaubriand on just a night with the two of us. Hard to do, when we always wanted to bring our friends to the place! Finally made it last night...excellent as always. Thanks Michael for another wonderful evening. Company really is 90 percent of a great meal, but the perfect food is a HUGE 10%.
  3. You made the correct choice. Galileo does not compare. Good luck on getting off the wait list. BTW, try the Begula Pasta. ← We did indeed get off of the wait list. We did indeed have the Begula Pasta. And thanks to Mark Sommelier, we are still nice and toasty from amazing wine selections last night. A full report later, but to say the least, Citronelle did not disappoint. Thanks Mark - we didn't get a chance to thank you - but the evening was amazing.
  4. Well, the DH got a new job, (as did I for those who saw my post on DonRock's board) - so we're celebrating those, plus our anniversary. We were debating Citronelle vs. Galileo, and I think we have decided on Citronelle. We're on the waiting list for tomorrow (Friday) night, so if we get in, I'll report back. If not, it's Armand's for us!!!
  5. Which store do you go to, if you don't mind my asking. To be open, I work for WFM.
  6. I just made my reservation with Jared for our second outing to Ray's. I had been gushing about it to everyone with ears, and my good friend reminded me that my next reason for going was to take her. Good enough for me! May 10th, 7:30 - I'll be there with bells on. I'm excited to try something new again this time, since everyone here gave me such great advice last time! Ray's is as close to heaven on earth as there is.
  7. The bad people usually get cashews instead of hot chocolate. ← I got cashews and hot cocoa - I'm an enigma.
  8. Correct. No corkage. But do not despair... Michael selects excellent wines and is very modest with his prices. Cheers! ← I must say however, that I need to change my status to an "egullible" member, not egullet. Someone mentioned earlier that you can ask for an unfinished bottle of wine in VA to be resealed and take it to go in a bag. I actually asked for that last night and felt VERY silly when I was told no (my own fault, not in any way shape or form did I feel silly because of the staff!). Oh well, if I weren't trusting, I would never have had the hanger steak!
  9. Let's see how much I can remember the day after: We arrived at 6:30, as I unfortunately couldn't remember if I had a 6:30 or 7pm reservation. I usually write things down, and this is what happens when I don't. That being said, the woman who greeted us very graciously accommodated us. We sat down at our table, and it was fairly quiet for most of our meet. The place was just getting hopping as we left. Fred and I were in love with the place from the moment we sat down. The atmosphere, was honeslty, just perfect. Very simple. We snacked on the deliciously spicy cashews while we got a wine recommendation. The 2002 Franciscan Cab delivered as promised. It melted in our mouths almost as easy as the steaks themselves. It was a great pairing. Fred had a caesar salad, but I knew I wanted to save room for the main course. We also had a taste of the wonderful herbed bread. I went with the hangar steak, with onions and garlic (which outed us as egulleters to our wonderful chef! - my husband said I turned all shades of red). I can't believe I even debated NOT having this steak. Thanks to all who recommended it. It was wonderful. It was flavorful and may be one of the best steaks I have ever had. My husband had the house special, and upon eating it, he said "This kick's Morton's a** so hard". The creamed spinach was flavorful and rich as well, a real treat. The mashed potatoes also added to make the meal complete. He had tons more comments like that throughout the evening. The staff were wonderful hosts, checking on our needs regularly without being the least bit intrusive. Every recommendation made was on the mark. We really felt like we were in someone's home. We ended the evening with the berries and cream for me and the key lime pie for Fred. Both were the perfect ending to the meal - except we had a wonderful suprise. We and other tables were treated to a taste of hot chocolate. We talked on the way home about the fact that there was nothing that could have made the meal any better, truly. Thanks to all for a great night - we look forward to a swift return!
  10. More tomorrow - but WOW. The night could not have been improved. Thanks to all at Ray's the Steaks for what was honestly our best meal in the area ever.
  11. Sigh, too many choices! I'm just gonna throw darts, since it'll all tase divine, I'm sure. Is it 7 yet? Seriously though, any other items not to miss? And since I didn't get a cake, any rec's on the dessert? My fave is chocolate mousse, but it's his birthday.
  12. Okay, I'm convinced. I'm gonna go with the flat-iron with garlic and onion, unless another topping pops off the menu at me. Is it dinner tomorrow yet? It's gonna be a long day at work!
  13. You might want to consider getting a different cut at Ray's. The first time we went my wife ordered the filet and, although good, she liked my strip better. The second time we went she ordered the flat-iron and loved it. In fact I liked it better than my strip. It was more flavorful than the filet, but still had that slightly less chewy, filet style texture. I guess I am saying that if you like a filet, you might REALLY like the flat-iron. But you can't really go wrong with any beef there. Or the scallops. ← You may have sold me on the flat-iron. I tend to be not adventurous with food, but I've been successful of late. I'm not into cuts with a lot of fat on them, just from a texture standpoint. I'll still enjoy this? (I imagine I will)
  14. I stronly recommend having a half-order of the blackened scallops for an appetizer. edited to add: And welcome to eGullet ljauss. ← Thanks - long time listener, first time caller. And hi to my hubby - I'm sure he's reading.
  15. I stronly recommend having a half-order of the blackened scallops for an appetizer. ←
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