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  1. whoops, i made a typo above in the hyperlink to http://www.gothamrollerderby.com ... for all you roller derby fans. Now back to your regularly scheduled burger programming.
  2. The rankings (in my site I linked to above) relative to each other are a bit wobbly, I'll admit, given that the photos + rankings have spread out over the course of two years. The rankings that really stick out as anomalies, in retrospect, are Grand Saloon and Malachy's (both a little too high) and Paul's Place (maybe a little low). However I still stand by my top three: Corner Bistro, White Horse, and McHale's, with Rare a close 4th. I have to admit I really did like the buns at Better Burger, despite their whole-wheat-ness. Usually I get the chicken burger, which is quite good, but obviously it's disqualified for scoring on a hamburger site (on the grounds of wussyness). I also have a set of (very high) rankings ready to post for Burger Joint (@ the Parker Meridien) but my wife broke her arm last night practicing for Roller Derby (!!! yes, roller derby -- check http://www.gothamrollerderby.com) -- so I didn't have time to post 'em up yet. Maybe she'll pass out from pain tonight and I will get a chance to update. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos at Burger Joint. I guess that means we'll have to go back
  3. Hello eGullet, I just became a new member yesterday after seeing the burger reviews. I was writing my own summary of New York Burger Company for my own little burger site -- http://www.spankaroo.com/burgers/index.html -- and a search for its name brought me to this forum. (I linked this forum back to that site.) So enjoy http://www.spankaroo.com/burgers/index.html and let me know of other New York spots I should add to the "due for reviews" list! I don't eat burgers as often as I used to, but I still like takin' their pictures. (For my money, Blue 9 is better than New York Burger Company which is in turn better than Better Burger.) - dhyatt
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