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  1. Thanks, I'll take your advice. Rick
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if this has been covered before in a different topic, but can anyone help with pizza stones. I haven't actually made any pizzas yet but I would like to try and was wondering if these stones actually helped much, especially when trying to create a traditional Italian pizza. Also, does anyone know where I can buy a good one in London, UK ? Thanks in Advance, Rick
  3. Yes, there is a set lunch special, although I haven't tried it yet. From another website: >>> Nahm The Halkin Hotel, Halkin Street SW1. Tel: 0207 333 1234 Price: There is a set price for a traditional Thai meal 'nahm arharn' which costs £47.00 per person. There is also a 3 course set lunch for £22.50. However expect to pay at least £75 per head for dinner a la carte including wine. A discretionary service charge of 12.5% is added to the bill. <<< I seem to remember the set lunch costing slightly more than this when I was there for dinner once (and only once...), but not much more than that stated above. I would be very interested to hear whether the quality and choice of food doesn't suffer on the cheaper option. Rgds Rick
  4. Mawar is on Edgware Road, pretty much at the junction of Edgware Road and Sussex Gardens. I know as I live opposite :-) It is relatively easy to miss because it is just a doorway with a sign above it. You can eat a la carte from the menu or choose a set meal from the hot counter. I believe a Nasi Campur (rice + a large spoon each of 3 of the hot dishes) comes in at around the £5 mark. If you go for this option, it is usually best to go when the food has just been cooked, as sitting around doesn't do some of the dishes any good. Although, there is the argument that a good Rendang should be left as long as possible... I believe there is also a 'true' student Malysian canteen somewhere on Bryanston St., which is behind Edgware Road. I haven't been there so can't comment. My general preference for Malaysian/Indonesian is Satay House, which again is just round the corner from Edgware Road/Sussex Gardens. Again, see comments earlier in this thread. Rgds Rick
  5. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Dwight and Gary Ali are the two brothers who run the place. They are incredibly friendly and have a quite fascinating history. From my recollection, they were born in Burma, spent many years in Norway, then moved to London. In between they seemed to have picked up a great knowledge of many parts of the world. This may explain their passion for Middlesborough football team ! Rgds Rick
  6. Just my neck of the woods ! Patogh as you say is consistently very good. Mandalay is also very good, although try to book ahead, they do get busy. I recommend the twice cooked fish curry, the pickle-style lamb, egg &potato samosas and the calabash fritters. Also the aubergine dish is good ! Also around there is Satay House, very good Malay/Indonesian. Recommend the crispy fried chicken with garlic, the okra with chillies, mixed satay (of course). The Chapel is a Gastropub which does a reasonable line in mod European. There is a Japanese place (Yumi ?) which is reasonable. The Seashell is one of London's finest Fish and Chip restaurants (as exhibited by all the black cab drivers having lunch !) There are more, but these are your best bet ! Look forward to hear where you ended up. Rgds Rick
  7. And to think you were only a hop, skip and a jump from Tawana on Westbourne Grove ! The red star is definitely justified there !
  8. Hmmm... Maybe you are right, maybe I should try something different and not stick to the old Asian/Fusion deal... I have to book fairly soon if I'm going anywhere remotely exclusive so I shall decide this weekend and let you all know on Monday ! Thanks all for your suggestions. Rick
  9. We've been to Providores a couple of times. Have to agree it is very good ! Hakkasan I have been to a while ago and I thought the food was average and definitely not worth the extra money. Maybe that has changed ? I took her to Nobu for the last birthday. (The most expensive meal I have ever bought, although again fantastic food !). She took me to Nahm for my birthday last year (Thai is my favourite), and I bought the book myself last weekend... Haven't been to Zuma, Sumosan, Tsunami or Mju so they are contenders... Any more for any more ? Has anyonbe been to MVH ? I went to Birdcage a few years ago and thought it was great (and very different). Rgds Rick
  10. Hi, I'm taking my other half out for a meal on her birthday in December in London and wondered if anyone had any recommendations. Both of us have a tendency to verge towards asian or fusion (whatever that may be this week) cuisine. I would prefer somewhere that is a little bit 'different' but the quality of the food is the main requirement. I'm not limited to any particular budget, so feel free to go wild in your suggestions ! Thanks Rick
  11. I thought the food at Nahm was very good. Some dishes were better than others though. I will go back, but only at lunchtime when I believe they have a more reasonable set-price menu. Other Thai's I can recommend: Tawana on Westbourne Grove: Serves very good standard dishes plus a few specialities you won't have seen elsewhere. Try the Thai fishcakes (best in town), King Prawn in Casserole with Glass Noodles, and Stir fried Asparagus. Busaba Eatthai on Wardour Street: Great (relatively) new place which has communal style tables with the emphasis on fast and well-priced dishes. They don't take bookings so you often end up queuing outside. But don't fret as the queue moves fast. Try the breaded prawns with sour mango chilli sauce, a great green chicken curry, good Som Tam (papaya salad). Apparently, David Thompson (of Nahm) advised on the menu. Esarn Kheaw on Uxbridge Road: See comments above. The Northern thai sausages are fantastic ! Thai Bistro on Chiswick High Road. Owned by a renowned Thai Chef who has many cookbooks. This again is a communal style restaurant with some good regional specialities. All the places above can provide you with a good meal with a couple of Singha's for around £20-£25 a head. Enjoy ! Rick
  12. Also had a fantastic (though expensive) meal there last year. The best soup I have ever tasted (oriental broth of assorted fish/shellfish) and a superb grill whole dover sole with sea salt and lime. Stick to the simple things as they are best. We also had a monkfish vindaloo which was dissapointing. Rick
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