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  1. I've had several Swanson merlots over the years and they were all worth $15. Just my 2cents, Mike
  2. The Sette Ponti Crognolo is pretty much a no brainer at $20. Best, Mike
  3. I opened the second sixpack of this last week and what a difference four years makes. The oak has totally integrated and it got "WOW' plus raves from the spousal unit. God I miss the chairman! Best, Mike
  4. mike volker

    Bottle Variation

    This post brings to mind an incident at a winery in Italy. The owner had just opened a bottle for us to try and we were all commenting on its goodness when he collected all the glasses and opened another bottle. Only he knew that the wine we drank first wasn't his best. The second wine was better, but I don't know many people who wouldn't have raved about the first one. I know I did. Besr, Mike
  5. I haven't been for a couple years. What I remember is grills not hot enough to cook the food right, and music so loud you can't carry on a conversation. YMMV. Best, MIke
  6. I was driving by Satchmo's this morning and theres a big "for rent" sign in front. I couldn't tell for sure if they were closed. Best, Mike
  7. Our little wine group did a BYOB dinner last night at Vincent Totaro's Trattoria, 689 Spring Mill Rd, Conshocken. I've lived in Montco since 1962 and never heard anyone talk about this place. What a find! An ever changing menu that spans chicken and veal to all the seafood/shellfish and pasta items. My osso bucco served over rissotto was very nice indeed $28. Apps were good too, try the duck breast. And grandma makes all the desserts. Best, Mike
  8. I picked up 7 bottles of the Vall Llach Embriux Priorat 2004 $9.99 on their special sale. Best deal here in a long time. Best, Mike
  9. Just a guess, but i'd think the average consumer thinks a glut is great! Best, Mike
  10. mike volker

    South African Wines

    I've only had a few of their cabs and wasn't impressed with most of them. But , if you have never tried pinotage there are some really nice ones. Spier Private Collection is usually pretty good, say in the 89+ range. I've also had some nice chenin blanc from there. Best, Mike
  11. We decided to give Mama Velia's another try last night and had a totally different experience. The noise level had receded, the service was excellent, and so was the food. My wife had tilapia and shrimp with some veggies and I tried a veal dish with spinach, mushrooms, and tomato that was very nice. The best part was that weds night there is an accordion player playing all the italian songs. Wonderful! $60 including tip. Oh! did I mention its BYOB Best, MIke
  12. Carole, I would think all we need do is ask? Best, Mike
  13. Amen to that, although I've got to admit I haven't been thrilled enough by his new wines to make the trip south. Remember when this was the hottest thread on the Pa board? Best, Mike
  14. We went with friends to Mama Velis's for dinner last night. The place was packed, mostly with families with screaming kids and adults that don't know the power of their own lungs. Their reservation system seems to be unique. They assign reservations to tables so its very possible that if the people at your assigned tabled stay longer than anticipated you wait while later reaervations are seated. Except for the wedding soup most for our group liked their food. Chicken parm, chicken marsala, my wife's pasta dish. I ordered one of the specials, something on the order of veal saltimbuca. I could hardly cut the veal with my knife. Our waitress never noticed that the setup people didn't put the bread and oil on the table and seemed to get sidetracked whenever she was going to clear soup and starter dishes from the table. We all decided it wouldn't be on the return list. Best Mike
  15. Mark, As the largest single buyer of wine and spirits in the country I would certainly expect the lowest prices in the country, but we all know that that isn't so. Best, Mike
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