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  1. My family has always been a fan of Baumgart's. A chinese restaurant in an old soda fountain on the main drag on the hill in Englewood(Palisade Ave???). However, I am in agreement with the poster who lamented Englewood's parking issues.


  2. A good policy to have is to clear everything you can off the table. Regularly offer more coffee/water/soda. If they say they don't want anything more, take the glass off the table. If possible, take the candle, sweeteners, salt and pepper mills, and all other things, until they are sitting at a completely empty table. They will eventually get the message, and then, either they will get up, or decide to stay for the duration. In which case, you're screwed. Some people just don't really care, especially after dropping what they feel like is an extravagant amount(depending on the restaurant, it is to some, and isn't for other). I have a reservation at a fantastic restaurant for Saturday night, which shall remain nameless, but its my mom's birthday and we will sit as long as we want. All this being said, if someone doesn't want to get up, they won't. No restaurant will risk alienating a guest for a table, and those that do will probably not last long enough to feel its ill effects.

    d :raz:

  3. The only problem with Cresskill is that Butch sold the place about 7 years ago, and the recipes have changed greatly. Lots of exotic flavors now, and the bagels are just too big, too soft and too doughy for my taste, each bagel must weight 6-7 ounces!

    Closter isn't bad, but the best bagel IMHO in this area now is Kinderkamack Bagels, on KKM Road and Midland Avenue, in River Edge. Nice balance of size and texture, not too big and not too soft. Basic too, no exotic flavors.

    butch sold the place??? how disappointing. i can't imagine i haven't been back in 7 years, but it is possible....how sad :sad:

  4. A couple of places farther north and east.

    1st and foremost, my hometown place that has evolved over the years. GOldberg's Hot Bagels in Closter in Heidenberg Plaza. Over the last 15 years or so, they have really gotten it down to a science. However, the Grand Old Man of Bagels in the Area has to be Butch at Cresskill Hot Bagels. I am not sure the name of the road, but it is right down the block from the King's Supermarket, and anyone, ANYONE who grew up within 10 miles of this place knows it(BTW, the Giorgio's Pizza two doors down serves a fantastic slice of Pie). Cresskill hot bagels has had lines out the doors every weekend of my almost 3 decades, and, while i haven't been in nearly a year, I can't imagine it changing one bit.


  5. OK, i know I am repeating, but my 2 cents:

    Brats cooked with the beer boil

    Any smoked meats......brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, tri tip, ham, bacon, chicken, duck, turducken, whatever

    Anything smoked...period(like cheese and fish)

    Obviously steaks

    any brown spirit(bourbon specifically for this guy, but single malt will do in a pinch)

    what about bread pudding???? am i the only one??????

  6. Unfortunately, my husband's birthday falls on the Tuesday during Restaurant week..I had originally proposed taking him to Corduroy or 1789, but am hesitant to go to any participating restaurant during "restaurant week" due to the craziness, and possibility of not dining in the best of circumstances. I, of course, suggested Citronelle, but he nixed that since we've just bought a new house and can now be lumped into the "house poor" category. Anyone have any recommendations?

    I went to 1789 last RW on Sat. PM with a 900 reservation. They couldn't have been better. They had our table read whhen we arrived(4ppl, ten minutes early( I have a late for reservations phobia). Everything was unreal, from the bread and butter(some of the best butter in DC(I am also a dairy freak) to the lamb to the scallop martini, it was unreal. There was no rush, noone hovering, and no craziness. My only recomendation is to get your res. in early, as they will probably fill up. As far as the menu, everything was available, with certain surcharges for specialties, but nothing unreasonable.

  7. Urban BBQ-

    Just a word on Urban Q...Its a great place, opened by an ex GM and ex chef of Old Glory BBQ in g town. Great brisket, sides, the whole nine yards. Their two sauces rule, and they even have a wall of hot sauces. Try the soul rolls and the mac and cheese. Ask for Dave, Lee, or Corey. they own the place.


  8. The Restaurant I run, Fin Restaurant, in Dupont Circle, can accomodate up to 35 in one area for dinner, and we would be happy to help you out. We are a seafood restaurant, but we also serve things like filet mignon and grilled chicken breasts as well, for non fish types, as well as a strict vegetarian/vegan dish for herbivores. Anyway, our website is www.fin-dc.com, and our number is 202-530-4430. feel free to give me a call.



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