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  1. Cooked a whole chicken in my PC this week. AWESOME! I love your page because it inspires me to be constantly e... http://t.co/HJh15cK9

  2. Count to 60 and WALK AWAY FROM THE PRESSURE COOKER: 1-minute Quinoa keeps cooking by itself without any energy at all! http://t.co/TDpQaQVW

  3. COZY! Italian chickpea minestrone from scratch: http://t.co/LYjx5GCc

  4. Danielle is camping with her pressure cooker! Here's photo of her set-up. And, this is what she said.. "We are ... http://t.co/5u48wkwX

  5. DELISH! Pressure Cooked Apple & Ricotta Cake http://t.co/vwmmY6BS (yes, it BROWNED in the pressure cooker). Try it! http://t.co/23kifgra

  6. DELISH! Pressure Cooked Upside-down Apple and Ricotta Cake: Ready to love your pressure cooker even more? Now yo... http://t.co/UCcnw0OW

  7. DETAILED TECHNICAL FACT-CHECKED Reviews of 9 pressure cookers by an expert. Here: https://t.co/2wJj61951s https://t.co/9HgiKO8uFS

  8. Did you know that 1 cup of red kidney beans can supply 35% of the daily recommended Vitamin C? Super-geeky Nutri Info: http://t.co/xxK2k4gK

  9. Did you know that electric pressure cookers reach pressure almost as quickly as stove top? http://t.co/AMpYVhFU

  10. Did you know that the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic got the HIGHEST rating in our thorough pressure cooker review? http://t.co/cCDPSLLf

  11. Did you know that when broccoli is pressure cooked it retains 92% of its Vitamin C vs 32% boiled & just 22% steamed?!? http://t.co/fumiljeX

    1. naguere


      After your post I got out my old , huge family Prestige.. where are the 'bits'.

      Anyway I will go for this one when my credit card turns over:

      Thanks pazzaglia:


  12. Did you know we have a Pressure Cooker Info, Manual & Recipe booklet library? The fun starts here: https://t.co/HDOHupL5ZO

  13. Do you know how stove top and electric pressure cookers differ? A head-to-head comparison. If you already own o... http://t.co/aUwalnBH

  14. Don't fear THIS big leafy green, pressure cook it! http://t.co/jAltKEzq

  15. Don't turn your potato salad into MUSH!! Our trick for getting a PERFECT potato salad from your pressure cooker: http://t.co/g8fquJNuzr

  16. Dulce de Leche! Pressure Cooked Condensed Milk: Dulce de Leche is sweetened condensed milk which has been carame... http://t.co/q8LTYaoa

  17. Ed makes a pressure cooker corn stock using cobs. Then a delicious risotto - while you're at it... you may as w... http://t.co/q2NMjlY8

  18. Ever wonder how long to pressure cook something? Pressure Cooking Times ALMOST anything: http://t.co/u9QCByHt

  19. Ever wonder how long to pressure cook something? Pressure Cooking Times for ALMOST everything: http://t.co/u9QCByHt

  20. Excruciatingly detailed pressure cooker reviews- we checked everything so you don't have to! http://t.co/ywh41rjL

  21. Fagor America 's press release for our upcoming events: Hip Pressure Cooking demo with Fagor! Come if you're in ... http://t.co/8YLbYmPk

  22. Fancy in a FLASH! Pressure Cooked Porcini Mushroom Pate': http://t.co/iDpxBJylw6 Uses just one ounce of dry porcini. http://t.co/H0ljko9v9i

  23. Fast-forward to the past - some preferred the old way to browse our old posts. This is for you! http://t.co/pTb33sVwbp

  24. Fave alla Romana - Whole Fresh Fava Bean Saute' Roman Style! | hip pressure cooking - pressure cookewww.hippress... http://t.co/3RVGpBhA

  25. Favorite this tweet if you've got more than ONE pressure cooker. Problem?!? Nooooo!

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