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  1. Did you know that when broccoli is pressure cooked it retains 92% of its Vitamin C vs 32% boiled & just 22% steamed?!? http://t.co/fumiljeX

    1. naguere


      After your post I got out my old , huge family Prestige.. where are the 'bits'.

      Anyway I will go for this one when my credit card turns over:

      Thanks pazzaglia:


  2. Got the domain back! But currently dis-connecting and re-connecting internet spaghetti so the site may be up and down. http://t.co/gQMdEGg5

  3. You CAN MAKE the "little black dress" of strawberry jams in just 30 min start-to finish! http://t.co/AdkUvRBGDX

  4. Follow me on Instagram, too! I just posted photos of my visit to Perugia Italy, yesterday. https://t.co/NWhHzhNKqH https://t.co/llmkvvuCEi

  5. @louisejakobson Apologies for the mis-identification - I didn't realize there was a difference! Ciao, L

  6. Pressure Cooker Therapy - pins from four fanatics http://t.co/rxbZY6sp (no requirement to join to view & click pins) Have a great weekend! L

  7. FIVE ways to pressure cook... EGGS!! http://t.co/nngSwy7IKf

  8. Gracias! RT @DorarNoSella: Siempre dando nuevos usos a la olla rápida @hippressurecook: MINIMALIST Strawberry Jam: http://t.co/ZkGhue0ijV

  9. Super-EASY, super-fast lemon marmalade - in the pressure cooker! https://t.co/qEjOKXZbpA

  10. Infographic: Pressure Cooking Saves Time, Energy and Vitamins!: Do you want to know more about pressure cooking,... http://t.co/Swem83xL

  11. This is WHY pressure cooking is so great! Infographic: http://t.co/XZsp0L7r (please RT to share!)

  12. PRESSURE COOKING MISTAKE No. 3: You pressure cooked an innocent bystander. http://t.co/tqmyNK1FxW

  13. This kid's got THE moves with the "pressure cooker" dance - now pinch your nose and jiggle! http://t.co/TewOyBADJz

  14. Here are @ruhlman 's Favorite Open Sky cooking tools http://t.co/a9eb7HS6 - I need to get a SERIOUS mortar and pestle, now!

  15. Competitive intelligence reveals NON-FOOD GRADE materials in cheap pressure cooker! http://t.co/UXakE2Rd

  16. NEW forum post: Model & Size: Replies: 0 I am new to pressure cooking. I cook vegetarian usually for 2 –... https://t.co/UOzHIlrrok

  17. Mission Artichoke: A Creamy Pressure Cooker Dip From Scratch! http://t.co/VmKt7P2koJ

  18. Book Review: Pressure Cooker by Australian Women's Weekly | hip pressure cooking - pressure cooker rwww.hippress... http://t.co/GBmrgI8N

  19. Make two whole pressure cooker meals (serves 2) : http://t.co/9zBShcNJ From @MotherEarthNews 1978 archives!!

  20. Pressure Cooker FAQ: filling the pressure cooker https://t.co/khGfmxRTGv https://t.co/UuYd0TMFQO

  21. 17+ TOMATO Based Pressure Cooker Recipes -yes, you can do it! https://t.co/MEufVX0RPY

  22. Two complete meals for in the pressure cooker from Mother Earth News Magazine 's archives - 1978. Amazing how ... http://t.co/txe0J6Ui

  23. YOU don't need this, but your FRIENDS do! Infographic of pressure cooker bennies: http://t.co/kYo3NbvW

  24. I'm interviewed plus pressure cooker info & recipes: Updated cookers find favor in modern kitchens http://t.co/aWfr89DZtF via @sacbee_news

  25. RT @BarbaraBakes: I want to try this! RT @hippressurecook MINIMALIST Strawberry Jam: 2 ingredients + pressure cooker http://t.co/xhWjhErTRd

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