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  1. We've compiled SOOOO many pressure cooker tips - we stopped counting! https://t.co/tOGC6OehSa

  2. VIDEO: Pressure Cooker Ketchup - from fresh tomatoes! https://t.co/MGkrA38r2y

  3. NEAT! Small black beans retain most of their antioxidants when pressure cooked, study says. https://t.co/5xuH1KBVss https://t.co/LY3Y0LdFI6

  4. Pressure Cooker TIp: Tame those leafy greens with THIS unexpected kitchen accessory (hint: you already have it) https://t.co/sOgU4XVhfn

  5. Ok, the hip is back - we had issues with our caching service (which usually keeps us up and running). Let me know if you spot any weirdness

  6. 17+ TOMATO Based Pressure Cooker Recipes -yes, you can do it! https://t.co/MEufVX0RPY

  7. RT @markopolojarvi: If you own a pressure cooker, try to do boiled eggs with it. Perfect texture and very easy-to-peel. #cooking https://t.…

  8. Ann made our delicious Pressure Cooker Ricotta & Apple Upsidedown Cake with pineapple! https://t.co/UlUBX4XutB https://t.co/3pHbM4AFu1

  9. How to stuff a dinner-size Chicken in a 6L Pressure cooker - plus cook it to tender perfection! https://t.co/Ca4UTJM8UY

  10. 20-Minute Pork Chops & Cabbage pressure cooker recipe - DINNER! https://t.co/F8sn90V8Mu

  11. Pressure cook & broil this pasta casserole for "I’can’t-believe-you-pressure-cooked-that"! https://t.co/WM8qG0opXs https://t.co/W9QaxsqOiY

  12. Share your BBQ AWESOMENESS with a little pre-pressure cooking! Get flavor *into* the meat -not just on it. https://t.co/DZPM2egr1i

  13. 45+ EASY Pressure Cooker Recipes - low prep, no chop & dump recipes. GO! https://t.co/yyNtT93XS4

  14. Get the most out of your pressure cooker - with our tips and tricks! https://t.co/tOGC6OehSa

  15. For a BRIEF time, the Pressure Cooker Recipe Converter can be used without registration/log-in. See you there! https://t.co/rWyCoHYkFJ

  16. Make this super-fast, super-delicious PRESSURE COOKER RIB recipe from the hip cookbook! https://t.co/3Yc81V0LqL

  17. BBQ PAAARTY!?!? Here's 18 recipes to pressure cook ahead of time - so you can have some fun, too. https://t.co/pldcoFaotF

  18. @nschtx This one is a keeper: https://t.co/1QStRviKsB My fave is, Drunken Cowboy Chili from my cook book (HPC:FFF)!

  19. Jamie knows the secret to perfect pressure cooker pasta - here's a picture from them (click for secret) https://t.co/BmI4OA0Hl5

  20. @consumerreports did a nice piece on pressure cookers - leave them a comment to let them know how you use yours! https://t.co/lMU9xSC8v2

  21. Pam just made the hip from-scratch-bbq sauce & sent us a photo - try it, it's easy! https://t.co/u3k4ySuRcQ https://t.co/1rajVZN7es

  22. 9+ Pressure Cooker Potato Recipes! https://t.co/jDwiQf3Qw8

  23. Start these Beef Soy Ribs in the Pressure Cooker and finish them off on the Barbie! https://t.co/NCq4v9eFLQ

  24. INFOGRAPHIC: Why pressure cooking is AWESOME! (please pass it on ; ) https://t.co/0EBih0NgqP

  25. NEW forum post: Meatloaf Cordon Bleu: Replies: 0 My family loves meatloaf and raves about the one I mak... https://t.co/TJNzRNLvP6

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