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  1. Go ahead with the quote carswell! I stole it from Mrs salomon anyway, so... A bientôt, Salomon
  2. Hi everyone, Been reading your forum for a while, now a member, and here's my first post. Go easy on the syntax and orthograph; ce serait gentil!!! We were at La table Tourigny last friday for my girl's birthday... I was anxious to try out that restaurant upon reading Mr Tastet's piece in Voir earlier this month. If you did read the critique, it sounded too good to be true. I was skeptical... I have to tell you that it was one of the best restaurant experience ever (along with L'eau à la bouche, Au pied de cochon and a few other places in Europe, but I disgress)! The decor is not extravagant; it's a renovated old house, clean and cosy but nothing too spectacular. We were served with first serve with amuse-bouche: raw salmon au beurre doux à l'ail, escargot sauce aux cêpes, asperges sauvages and pâtes feuilletées au roquefort. It set the tone for the rest of the evening. Everything was so fresh! The tastes were subtle yet present. Mr Tourigny (who came out to our table for a chat- passionate mad scientist of a chef!) masters every single service that was presented to us that evening. The soup was a consommé de champignons sauvages avec mousse de lait aux capuccino (delightful). My entrée was thon bleu served in a salad made of a variety of wild salad (should have took some notes!)- excellent and different for thon bleu, which is becoming very popular, maybe a bit too much to my taste; the girl's entrée was foie gras with a chocolate (not of the greatest quality to my standard) coulis (a bit too generous on the coulis, the subtle taste of the foie was kind of lost in it). My main meal was magret de canard avec réductions aux vinaigre de framboises. A pretty common meal nowadays in those kind of establishment, but it was never serve to me as fresh, as raffiné and as properly grilled. It was great. My girl got agneau aux romarain. From reading it on the menu, I thought it was maybe a bit too boring; au contraire! it was the meal that best represent what the whole experience was all about: simple, surprisingly tasteful without being too perfumed, precise. The dessert (pommes pochés in some liquor, among other things) was up the those standard. Be sure to bring the best wine you can buy (the water had a bad taste...): we brought four half bottle and ask for the serveur's opinion (the service was state-of-the-art)... The whole thing was pricey for a BYOW (150 all incl. for 2), but it didn't feel like a rip off at all, more like a previlege to have been to that place. The quality was there, the technique was perfect and our evening at Tourigny's will be one to remember. A bientôt! Salomon
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