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  1. I went to CT last night. I thought the food was very good as was the sevice. We tried almost everything on the menu. The stand outs were the pork chop and the steak . There were also many beautiful peolpe there. Sitting next to me was Tyra Banks and one of the query guys. Sorry i can't be more detailed
  2. I love Rub. Just down and dirty. There Burnt Ends are the best bite of BBQ in this town. There baby backs are also great. Fat Guy,for the record they don't use gas. I asked to see there smokers and there were clearly no gas hook ups. I also looked up the manufacturer online.
  3. charles southern kitchen, not to far from the stadium. great fried chicken and soul food
  4. In USA Today, RUB BBQ getting some national bbq attention. Pretty good company. Chalk one up for NYC BBQ. http://www.usatoday.com/travel/destination...-barbecue_x.htm
  5. mmm... burnt ends... those were outstanding as well! Gotta say that I'm not a huge fan of their pulled pork though. ← i went with 6 peolpe and we got the whole pork butt. they bring the whole butt to the table and let you pull it yourself. its awsome, especially when its steaming hot from the pit. try it you won't be disapointed
  6. i have eaten there a bunch of times since it opened and i think this place has come along way ..the food is allways very good and the service is great. highlights are the burnt ends, all the ribs, brisket,duck and pulled pork. the beans and onion are also great...
  7. charles southern kitchen on 151 and 8th ave is the best fired chicken/soul food in nyc and its all served up from the buffet
  8. I didn’t eat out for Thanks Giving but I did order a Turkey from Rub BBQ. I typically don’t love Turkey but this was very good . The bird was about a 12 pounder. It had a great smoky flavor and was really juicy .The suggested retail was a little pricey compared to some other places…... Next year I’m going deep fried, any suggestions…
  9. i live close to the one on 23rd st. i order from there all the time. the food is always good, not the best but always good...
  10. RUB makes some killer buffalo wings. first they smoke them, then they fry them and add there buffalo wing sauce. many layers of flavor.. ..they also use really large wings not those little suckers you get for 10 cents. bondies are also pretty good
  11. I think its BS that they did not invite Paul Kirk this year. He was really one of the highhlights and the food was great. maybe Rub is rubbing Mr Meyers the wrong way!! Stealing a little of his thunder... Its good to see some healthy competion but come on..
  12. Just go back from Rub witha full belly and a happy heart. This is my forth time and they have really gotten the act together.....The food was excellent!!! The Burnnt ends were some of the best Q i have ever had. both types of ribs the babys and the spares were great. The sides were also great. The baked beans are the best anywhere....Anyway i'm surprised there hasent been more said about this place on here after all the great stuff that was said about them from the big apple bbq party and all the other blog sites. Its nice to know you don't have to leave NYC to get great BBQ
  13. I don't want to burst your bubble but if your talking about Everett and Jones in San Francisco they use the same J&R pits as Dinosaur; and for that matter Aruther Bryants also has an Old Hickory in the back where you can't see it....Why is everyone so hung up on this...Smoke is just ONE aspect of BBQ.
  14. you should try kosher chickens, they are already brined. duck is also one of the best things to bbq low and slow. it comes out super moist and tasty
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