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  1. Great suggestions and thanks again. Porchetta on creamed spinach.. OMG. Your descriptions of both places make me want to jump on a plane and come right down.
  2. Thanks and yes, I am willing to travel farther to eat well.
  3. Took my mother here for her 85th birthday last Sunday and it was awful. Food, service and drinks. I live in another state but have been here before and it was "okay". There seems to be a lack of good restaurants in this area. Waynesboro, Quincy ... Does anyone know of any alternatives as I will never go back to The Lodge?
  4. Check out Ramekin's Bed and Breakfast in Sonoma www.ramekins.com We have stayed there several times and is very convienent. It is a cooking school with 6 great rooms above. Next door is The General's Daughter. Chef Preston does an amazing job. We plan to be at Ramekin's the end of Oct. You have gotten good guideance here. This is a great time to go.
  5. Very good point. So many different perspectives... An open mind is a good thing.. Mr. Petrini should take note.
  6. We too are going to be in Piedmonte in Nov. Have been there several times before and this time we are staying at one place for 6 nights before we move on. The place looks great and I have had good feedback abt it. The restaurant sounds good too. The owners seem very helpful and will offer a lot of guidance. We too do not like to have to drive at night after enjoying the delicious wines. Nov. is often very foggy and those small. winding roads can be a challenge. Look this place up... Hotel Castell di Sinio. www.hotelcastellodisinio.com I am hoping they might be able to find drivers willing to take us on nights we want to eat out of the hotel. Another place I like is Il Cascinalenuovo. The food is wonderful and they have maybe 10 modest, clean rooms. It is on the Asti-Alba road. Hope this is helpful.
  7. many thanks for starting the thread. I was not at all familiar with minus 8. Now I have a bottle and am excited abt it.
  8. Just received my bottle yesterday. Can't wait to use it. Had to have a small taste and it is delicious. Any different ideas for using it??? I ordered through Amazon and it came through Aquaverve Specialty products.
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    Oh.. almost forgot. Has anyone heard of Auberge le Saint Gabriel???? opinions?? Thanks
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    Thanks for all your input. Have reservations at Toque and called for Joe Beef but was disappointed to find out that they are closed for August. Still working on the next night.
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    A friend has highly recommended Toque. I feel more comfortable trusting eg. Will be in Montreal for two nights in Aug. and hate to "waste" a meal. I have the issue from Gourmet but have not yet read it in depth.
  12. Had one of the best meals I have experienced in SF last Nov. at Quince.
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    Did go to Gusto last Sat. and had a very good meal. Chef Jody Williams was there (saw her) and is not planning to leave. Just doing menu development etc for a new project. The focaccia with gorgonzola and pear was delicious as were the deep fried carciofi. We then both had pasta dishes, tagliatelli with prociutto, radiccio and bread crumbs and a tender, veal filled tortellini in a butter sage sauce. We were very pleased with both. It was a good stop... thanks for your thoughts.
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    The "mayo gloop" would be the aioli (garlic mayo). ← Yeah I figured as much but mayo seemed to be the pervasive flavour. Also a bit of anchovy, maybe? I forgot to mention, to my amusement (and joy) many of the dishes had either rasins or anchovies! must be regional... I also forgot to mention, the little fennel salad antipasti/ amuse was very good. Bright clean fennel taste, coupled with silky anchovies and olive oil. tasty. ← sorry guys... don't know what happened. Anyway.... what to do, what to do??????? I appreciate the input.
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    Oh no.. does anyone know more about this?
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