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  1. I'm ashamed to say, as an avowed 'shroom lover, that I also had not heard of these before. But there they were in the produce section of the Silver Spring Whole Paycheck this past weekend.
  2. Folks, I know there are a lot of fans of this restaurant on the forum (I've not yet had a chance to partake), so I thought you'd like to know about the dinner Cleveland Park Wines, Big Fire Winery, and Corduroy are putting on at the end of the month. I have no connection to any of these enterprises, blah, blah ... Sorry for the formatting, that's just how the announcement came to me. Wish I could go; hope someone does and reports back: CORDUROY MENU : With OWNER, TRISH ( lovely Irish lady! ) of the BIG FIRE winery, OREGON : 25 percent of the cost of the dinner will be donated to SHARE OUR STRENGTH HURRICANE KATRINA RELIEF FUND $100 inclusive per person. Call Rissa Pagsibigan or David Batista at 202-589-0699 for reservations and or more information. Corduroy is located at 1201 K Street, NW. Wash DC, NW. 202-589-0699. Reception is at 6:30 pm, Dinner is at 7 pm. PASSED HORS D'OEUVRES SUNSET BEACH OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL WITH CHAMPAGNE MIGNONETTE FILIPINO STYLE SPRING ROLLS WITH DIPPING SAUCE RILETTE OF DUCK LEG ( served with the R. STUART BRUT ROSE, NV ) FIRST COURSE : VIDALIA ONIONS SOURBISE ( served with the BIG FIRE Pinot Gris, 2004 ) SECOND COURSE : PEPPERED RARE TUNA WITH KABOCHA SQUASH BAGHI ( served with the BIG FIRE Pinot Noir, 2003 ) THIRD COURSE : ROASTED BALLOTINE OF SUNNYSIDE FARMS CHICKEN AND LOCAL SHITAKE MUSHROOMS, FOIE GRAS SAUCE ( serves with the R. STUART Pinot Noir 2003 ) FOURTH COURSE : NIMAN RANCH PORK BELLY WITH SAVOY CABBAGE ( served with the R. STUART Pinot Noir " BUNKER HALL Vineyard " 2002 ) FIFTH COURSE : EPOISSES WITH BURGUNDY TRUFFLE AND FIGS ( served with a SPECIAL CELLAR SELECTION ) CHEF AND OWNER TOM POWER
  3. To make up for the disappointing seafood experience @ Johnny's, go to Pesce just down the street. The menu changes frequently, so specific recommendations are tough to make. Last time I had lunch there I enjoyed whatever whole roasted fish they served that day (sea bass or dorade). More recently, soft shells have been good, the current tuna tartare preparation is excellent, several chilled soups have been particularly good during the hot weather we've had, and any of the roasted fish fillets (just pick one with a sauce preparation that piques your interest).
  4. Walked by the storefront on Monday and saw evidence of extensive re-modeling inside and notice for a liquor license hearing in the window. So progress is being made ... Speaking of Silver Spring....any update on a possible opening date? I first heard "spring", then later, May. Are things still on track for pre-Memorial Day? ←
  5. If you don't want to go to Jessup, then Asian supermarkets are your best bet. Added bonus, they clean the fish to order. There's a Lotte right as you get off RT 29 to go into Ellicott City. There's also a Han An Reum in Catonsville down Rt 40, near the Silver Dinner and it might actually be better bet then Lotte. ← Thanks, Meredith. I will definitely chech out your suggestions
  6. Any suggested seafood purveyors for someone located in the Laurel, MD, hinterlands (east of I95, west of BWP). Looking for variety beyond that offered by the local Giant but as close to home as possible. Thanks.
  7. Yes, they do freeze well. I remember ordering a sandwich from one of the vendors at the market near Hopkins hospital years ago. The beast he slapped on the grill was clearly frozen and, to my amazement, was incredibly tasty. I 2nd the Maine Ave recommendation if you want to grab some to cook at home. But don't forgo the experience of munching on a just-fried specimen among the squalor that is the Maine Ave waterfront. You haven't really lived in DC until ... Chef Tom Meyer had them on the menu at Pesce last week. His supply came from Georgia.
  8. I highly recommend Yoko for sushi: 332 Elden St., Herndon, VA Review: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?n...ype=restaurants I agree with Horseplay that Mikaku is excellent, but to me it's a toss-up between them and Yoko, and Yoko is much closer to your hotel. Regardless of which one you choose, don't be put off by the strip mall locations -- you will be pleased with what you find inside.
  9. Crabby


    Hard to make a recommendation without knowing more about your SO's tastes, your budget, etc. I didn't mean in any way to discourage you from going to Ardeo; their menu is appealing, the food preparation is very good, and I'm sure you would have a nice time there. What did Tom S. give it, 2 stars? That seems right to me. An example of a place in the same price range, with food that is as good or better (most on this forum would say "better"), and a bit of a buzz in the room, is Firefly (www.firefly-dc.com). If you want something livelier than that, you'll need to solicit recommendations from one of the younger, hipper members of the forum
  10. Crabby


    I've only been there once; I think it was last Oct/Nov. We had a nice meal, but haven't been motivated to go back. I recall having roasted cod, which was good, but don't remember the accompaniments nor the appetizer that preceeded it. Service was attentive and efficient. Had a reasonably priced bottle of Burgundy. It's relatively quiet, so that you can carry on a conversation. No disappointments, an enjoyable evening, but I felt that for the same or less money I would prefer to have visited one of my regular haunts, where the food is as good and the atmosphere a touch livelier. Ardeo web site http://www.ardeorestaurant.com Tom's review http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?n...ype=restaurants
  11. Yes, it's an easy walk from the Wheaton station. I tend to go there on weekends and usually sample one of the specials, which are way above par for what you would expect from a neighborhood pub -- Ian's culinary training shines through. And prices are reasonable. www.royalmilepub.com The calendar (December is not up yet) lists some, but not all, of the specials. Disappointed I missed the lamb shanks earlier in November -- they are one of my favorites.
  12. Thankfully staying home in (the real) Silver Spring. I do 99% of the cooking for the family, but my beautiful wife takes over on Thanksgiving. She does an excellent job and has even come to appreciate this native Marylander's obsession with oyster stuffing. We keep it simple: turkey, stuffing, a veg, and pie -- oh, and ample quantities of vino rosso. Our only guest is my incredibly spry 84-year-old father. Bon voyage to those of you who are travelling. And I promise to drink a toast to those of you who must work.
  13. I'm no connoisseur of petits fours, but we had some this past weekend from the Woodmoor Bakery (4 Corners area of Silver Spring), which I thought were rather good. The cake portion contained a couple thin layers of raspberry filling, which was nice. The price was right too -- 4 petits fours and 1/2 dozen cookies came to about $9.
  14. Crabby


    Morela, Belated thanks for your post on Pesce. After reading your review about a month ago, it provided further motivation to finally try the restaurant. I can't believe it took me this long to sample the place, given that I'm a serious seafood adict. I'm happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I too dined at the bar. It was fairly early on a Thursday evening, the restaurant was quiet, with only a couple of tables occupied, so I received more attention than I would normally expect (though not intrusive). Had the pleasure of meeting Madame Palladin; it was clear from the moment I sat down at the bar who was the boss -- an impressive person. The food was excellent. Started with tuna tartare, which had been formed with a 2-inch round mold ring and topped with olive tapenade, the plate decorated with a sauce that had streaks of wasabi mayo and balsamic vinegar in it -- pretty and wonderfully flavorfull. Main was rockfish, served with smashed potatos and a bean salad. The fish was cooked perfectly -- a nice thick fillet that was unbelievably moist. Thought the accompanying safron/lemon sauce was very nice, even though I'm not a huge saffron fan. So thanks, again, Morela. I don't know who complained about your long post, but I thought it was wonderful to read and now appreciate it even more that I've tried Pesce. I will be going back soon and I look forward to reading more from you.
  15. I'm with you -- can't have too much crab If you don't feel like visiting your favorite crab-purveying boite but need a fix, the crab and artichoke dip from Whole Paycheck is quite good. Make sure you heat it up before inhaling.
  16. As a long-time resident of Silver Spring, I have mixed feelings about the new downtown. I'm disappointed that it's become chain-restraurant-hell, but delighted to see people out and about in the public spaces. But the real reason for this post is to plug the Italian restaurant in the Hilton, a couple blocks down Colesville -- Sergio. Walter Nicholls reviewed the restaurant back in February. I found everything he said held true and really don't have much to add. http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?n...ype=restaurants Except I would like to emphasize how inexpensive our meal was, especially in light of the quality of the food. We were 4 adults and had 2 appetizers duck ravioli mussels 4 entrees penne w/ sausage grilled salmon rock fish topped with crab meat and broiled (2) coffee 2 digestives (sambucca) litre of the house wine Total was about $100 before tip. The fish entrees were excellent. Atmosphere was blah, as Nicholls points out, but the cooking and service were great. So check out Sergio while you're waiting for Cashion and company to ride to the rescue. Is it true that Red Dog now has a liquor license? Need to get over there soon.
  17. The word on Pesce has been very favorable: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=34613&hl=pesce Wanted to check it out one Friday evening recently, but was concerned by their no reservations policy on a busy weekend night and opted for Firefly instead. Perhaps we should have risked a wait at Pesce? Anyone have experience with walking in there on a weekend night?
  18. I've been to Adega twice to buy wine and haven't been back for some time. I'd purchased a very nice, bargain-priced French pinot noir (Roncier) there for about the same price it was going for at Harris Teeter in Reston (just under $9). On a second visit, the price had been jacked up to $12 and change. Perhaps the proprieters aren't to blame, given the totalitarian, fascist alcoholic beverage distribution system in Montgomery County. But JPW has inspired me to give them a second chance and try their victuals next time, to determine if it's a viable alternative to dialing Domino's or dragging home a salty Sniders rotissery chicken when in a dinner-time pinch. Thanks for the motivation ...
  19. hello, tcpanda. I'd have to agree with everything you wrote. It's a common complaint about Johnny's that the portions are small for the money. The crabcakes are about the size of a large sea scallops (sorry to hear yours had cartilage in them; I've always found them to be excellent). Still, I love the place. I often go to sit at the bar and enjoy an appetizer (usually oysters, raw or fried) and an entree (grilled rockfish has become a habit, though I prefer the winter version with it's woodsy mushroom sauce over the milder summer one now on the menu). Their fried oysters are the only ones I've found that can rival the ones my mother, a southern Maryland native, used to make for me (never over-cooked, lightly breaded). And they always have some very nice wines by the glass (hope they still have the clean-tasting, French Sauvignon Blanc I enjoyed on several pervious visits). I must also mention that Tim, the bartender in the evening, is the most entertaining and erudite mixologist I've met in this city of late (he's the one with the hair that looks like he just got out of bed). Definitely not a place for diners with big appetites. But I find it relaxing to pull up a bar stool and enjoy some lite, well-prepared seafood.
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