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  1. MJP, are you (or are any other egulleters) going to the Munchmobile picnic this Sunday?
  2. MJP, I just finished reading about your tour online http://www.nj.com/entertainment/dining/ind...obile_real.html Looks like a good time was had by all -- and in all honesty, I would have probably chickened out on some of those dishes!
  3. Congrats MJP! Do you know which cuisine* you'll be sampling? ----- * yes, it's funny to use the word 'cuisine' when talking about the Munchmobile.
  4. Wonder if I could convince Pete to let me ride again?
  5. How about Manny's Texas Weiners, in Vauxhaull (Union), NJ?
  6. ¡Oh Calamares! 102 Kearny Ave. Kearny, Nj. 07032 Phone: 201-998-4111
  7. We're supposed to go to a Peruvian restaurant, ¡Oh Calamares! , in Kearny on Saturday -- has anyone been there and can you offer a review?
  8. larryc

    China 46

    No, you're not overreacting. I agree; everyone deserves the same service. There was a (mildly-heated) thread about this topic a few months ago; suffice to say it seems I'm in the minority point of view (at least compared to the other egullet members who posted.) Nevertheless, I try not to patronize restaurants that do this.
  9. I took my wife to Sultan's today for lunch. Lots of Munchmobile postings all over....When I walked in, the guys working there looked at me like they recognized me but couldn't place from where. My wife asked them if the article has been good for business; they said yes it's been great with lots of people calling for directions and coming by. They then asked if we had read the whole article, at which point I pointed to my picture and said "that's me!" Felt like a big muckity-muck! We both loved our gyros, kofta kebabs, and zucchini patties. Can't wait to come back with the kids!
  10. They finally published my Munchmobile trip! Here's the site navigation since it's a bit confusing: The article My blurb Top Picks by the Munchers No photos online yet, sorry. MJP -- there was even a call-out to you in the article!
  11. My Munchmobile blog post is now up -- article coming out tomorrow!
  12. My trip on the Munchmobile was a blast. We met at the Star Ledger at 10:30 in the morning and I didn't get home till 10:30 at night. Overall we hit five restaurants. For those wondering, the restaurants do not know we are coming (in fact, Peter decides at the last minute where to head); however once we got to each restaurant we told them who we were (no anonymous reviews are possible when you arrive in a van with a hot dog on top) The places we hit were: Sultan Gyro in Lyndhurst - Thanks to whomever (MJP?) from egullet recommended this place; it was great! Tabboule in Ridgewood King of Shish Kabob in West Paterson Kabob Paradise in Lake Hiawatha Sahara in New Brunswick I have to say I didn't pace myself enough, even though they warned us! I tried to hold back at the first two places; by the third I was getting full and by the fourth I hardly wanted to eat (but I did try to taste everything!) There was a long drive to the fifth and final place so I thankfully got some time to digest. Peter posted a live blog from our trip here; My "review" will be posted as well when the article comes out in two weeks. I'll definitely be heading back to some of these restaurants (just not for a while; I'm still middle-east'ed out.)
  13. They printed my wife's submission as the Munchmobile letter of the week. They didn't print the full letter unfortunately; the original included a call-out to egullet! As for me, I'm off on my middle eastern tour tomorrow - wish me luck!
  14. Wow, lots of good restaurant suggestions here. You can let the Munchmobile people know your suggestions by emailing pgenovese@starledger.com or calling the Munchmobile hotline at 973.392.1765 and say which trip it's for.
  15. Nope, just told me to be at the Star Ledger offices bright and early and to be prepared to munch!
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