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  1. Hi I am new to eGullet and am looking for some great panini sandwich recipes.

    I have a brand new panini grill (Sirman) from Italy which I propose to use in my Specialty coffee house. I had to delay the initial fire up of the panini grill due to the manufacturer coating the hot plate surfaces with a protective coating which needed to be burnt off. They recommended not to turn the unit on inside the premises due to the smell and smoke , however easier said than done due to the 220 voltage requirement of the unit ( in Europe they are on a different voltage system to us)

    To cut a long story short I believe I must have run off a few of my cusomers due to the smell and smoke emitting from the unit. :angry:

    Now for the next step, after many attempts at trying out different recipes for the filling I am not quite ready to start serving to my customers. Although they seemed to enjoy the samples I have given out, it could be due to them being free. :wink:

    I am looking for some terrific panini recipes and I have looked in RecipeGullet and came up blank. Anyone have any ideas?



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