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  1. Mr. Brown, as my username suggests I am very interested in Film and Television, to the point that I'm investing some time and money to learn as much as I can. I also share in the wonder and mystery of taking all sorts of ingredients and creating tasty miracles. My fellow cinéastes and I have noticed that you rarely have the camera in a single place for more than a few seconds. You're always tracking, or panning. I also noticed that you like to use unusual angles (very high or low). Do you do this just to make it more fun or what? Lastly, (I promise) I wanted to know, what kind of camera you use for the shots from inside the fridge, paper bag, and oven. Is it a DV cam or do you use your regular camera? Personally, I think you're show is great and worth watching because each episode has a plot, however simple or complicated (Ill gotten Grains, point in case, but that was one of the best ones!). There is always a reason why food must be cooked. Whether it is to rescue your "worthless hound dog" or to appease the "evil" stalker fan. Food with a mission, that sounds like, well you know, GE. Sincerly, (or maybe not that sincerely), Filmstudent (aka) Maria-Virginia D. PS, the food scientist lady is sooo cute, she reminds me of my highschool English teacher!
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