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  1. Finally made it to Stargazy. It met all my expectations. Traditional pie, mash, and parsley liquor was delicious. A very filling meal for only $9.00. I'm looking forward to trying other variations, though I don't see the jellied eels in my future.
  2. Agree on the roll. Amoroso's are the minimum, when nothing better is available, one step above a hotdog roll. Liscio and Serpe are the standard.
  3. Last time I was in Canal's, in Cherry Hill, asked a stock-boy about where to find a particular wine. Not only did he take directly to the section he was well educated on the style and willfully answered several questions. This kid was maybe 25 years old. That does not happen in any PLCB store.
  4. Thanks so much for the link! That seals the deal. I'm there this weekend. Looks way better than I even imagined.
  5. Not that I'll be attendign, but in general interst: http://www.cheesesteakfest.com/ You could sample 50 different cheeseteaks, I'm sure somebody will....
  6. Ditto. That question made my head hurt. I'm most looking forward to Neuf. Lachman has really impressed me with Nord, and this is another obscure cuisine that I little access to.
  7. This is really the crux of the issue. It's all about politics, union support ($$$), and over-paid employees who receive a state pension for running a cash register. Read Lew Bryson's fact page: http://noplcb.blogspot.com/
  8. How was the portion size? Is one pie a fairly hearty meal?
  9. I've not. Yet. But that will be corrected very soon, after reading this: http://www.passyunkpost.com/2015/09/17/first-pics-stargazy-serving-up-british-baked-goods-at-1838-e-passyunk-ave/
  10. Has anyone been yet? The English pie shop on East Passyunk Ave., https://www.facebook.com/StargazyPhilly
  11. Restaurant Neuf is the one the tops my interest. Chef Lachman's proven talent plus a cuisine not really found anywhere else in Philly. As for the forum being too quiet, that may change. The re-designed Chowhound is awful.
  12. The guy at 17th & Market has some other jobs that are apparently doing well, so if the weather is lousy he stays home. He also travels to Isreal & Russia for extended periods of time. I really like his felafel and found him to be very friendly.
  13. The Schmitter sandwich at the Fairmont Fries stand is GREAT.
  14. I lived in Reading for about two years. I loved this place! Though the neighborhood was seriously dicey, and that was about six years ago.
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