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  1. What I know of your food career, some of the highlights you've achieved are ... Graduated from culinary school. Produced more than 100 episodes of Good Eats on Food Network. Written several books (and won an award for one). Done numerous tours. Achieved a prominant position on Iron Chef America. And cruise the byways on your motorized bike. AND you also have at least one more book and more GE episodes in the works. So other than your diet you mentioned on your website, what do you have your sites set on in the next 10 years? What would you like to see improved, changed, or done new using your influence. Or, are you happy where you are and what you're doing right now and are going to see what the future sends your way? Thanks. Mikemenn Moderator Note from Chad: For those of you not familiar, Mike owns/runs the Good Eats Fan Page and the Good Eats Message Board. He's the guy that even Alton turns to to for old show information. He's a good egg and a wealth of AB/Good Eats information. Nice to have you here, Mike.
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