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    Thanks herbacidal, count me in.
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    That is the kind of food that I love the most, both eating it and cooking it. Had I known about your offal crawl, I would have certainly joined you. I truely enjoyed reading those posts.
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    I have eaten at Landmarc twice in the past two weeks and each time has been excellent. I would highly reccomend the roasted marrow bones as a starter. Three tall bones, fat with marrow, served with grilled bread, onion marmalade and a side of coarse salt. They were running it as an occasional special and over the past week added it permantly to the menu because of popular response. It is fantastic. Few things are as luxuriously rich and beefy as good marrow and Landmarc does them justice. As has been previosly mentioned on this board the sweetbreads were delicious, simply breaded lightly and fried, served over greenbeans and a light sauce with a touch of vinegar in it. The sauteed calf's liver was with no exageration the best I have ever had. A very thick cut, the size of a fist, seared crisp on one side, served medium rare over mash potatos, sauteed onions and lightly crushed fresh peas. For dessert one night I had the cheese platter, it was not very impressive. The gorganzola dolce was perfectly ripe and creamy, the other three were very mediocre. A bland 2 year old gouda (it is better when it is older), an ordinary chunk of parmesan, and a very mild tasting goat cheese. What should be had for dessert is Landmarcs great blueberry cobbler. Served in a ramekin, I liked it because it was not too sweet. I had a great wine one evening I had not tried before, Quintessa 2000, from Napa. It is an expensive bottle at $95, but if you like a big red wine with very deep berry flavors, this is the one. I have never had a wine's flavor linger in my mouth as long as this one did.
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