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  1. Hi Alton, I think you and the show are great blah blah blah... I've recently purchased a lot of quality kitchen products, mostly based on your recommendations and I'd like to know how to properly care for these items. I realize you touch on gear care when you use the gear in an episode but a whole show on the most popular gear items would be something I'd watch again and again until I had it down. Besides, I'd rather watch and learn from you than refrence a book. A friend calls your show "The Altonian Principles of Culinary Science" ... so true I'm going to embroider it onto a T-shirt. To the best of my knowledge you've never done a show including high-altitude cooking. Oh boy the shtick you'd come up with for that ... can't wait. Please Please Please include more bloopers at the ends of your shows. Your silliness is so appealing. You keep us enraptured for hours. Kindest Regards, Valorie
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