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  1. Alton - I saw in one of your posts that the idea for a show about baby food wasn't appreciated by F/N. Can you give us a little insight into other show ideas that have not/will not see the light of day? Well, that's my second question and fills my allotment (I could probally go on forever...hehe)! Thank you for your time, Alton. What a way to start my birthday, writing messages to Alton Brown! - Peace
  2. Hi Alton. Any plans on another candy show and do you make other candies at home besides fudge? I'd love for you to dive into carmel making for example. Not much can beat a good homemade candy. :) Also, Alton - Your show is wonderful, it makes my 5 kids (ages 5 - 14) want to cook and really holds their interest. Now if my wife only enjoyed our sense of humor. lol --Peace
  3. Well 2% milk is at $3.69 at the local store here, kinda crazy I think. There's even a dairy down the road a bit. Having milk to drink is becoming a "treat" in our house. - small town MN boy here. :)
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