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  1. I know I will shock some amateurs, but Pancrazi pinot nero is for me the best italian pinot noir. It has a strong personnality, it is not a bad copy of Burgundy, and it has together finesse and structure. A real great wine : it came always in nice ranking in Grand Jury blind tastings. BTW : if by chance you find one day their olive oil, jump on it : just excellent too.
  2. mauss

    How to Store Champagne

    If it may help : I like to store for 10+ years top vintage champagnes, but only the kind which are developped as a wine (i.e. with a strong structure, not only chardonnay but a big portion of pinot noir or meunier). Usual names : Bollinger RD, the "emperor"; Cristal, the "king"; Selosse, the "prince"; Alfred Gratien, the "bishop". But be aware they will develop in time a very nice (for me) oxydation which I just love. Some people hate that. To give you an example, I still have in my cellar, in magnum (the best size for champagne) some Bollinger RD 1964. Magnificent ! If what you prefer in champagne is finesse, light, bubbles, freshness, (like 90 % of the champagne) do not store them, just drink them. And always keep a bottle in the fridge in case of an emergency. No harm, whatever you may read here and there. And do not hesitate to try one day the very good italian sparklings such as Ferrari (cuvée Giulio), Ca del Bosco and Valentino brut zéro : they beat quite a lot of french products ! If you think to be prestigious and go on Dom Perignon, choose the 90 : an exception of high standard under this name.
  3. Guess what will be the future if the Mondavi sell all shares : - more quality or more profit ? And do not tell me both may fit together. Anyway, a page is turning now in Napa : have th eright to feel sad.
  4. mauss

    Roquefort and Wine

    You may try a "vin de paille" from Rhône, or, more classic, a white wine from Jura, style l'Etoile.
  5. It is not exactly that simple : Bordeaux has not the capacity to market with efficiency and to communicate properly. In fact, no region in the world is able, like Bordeaux, to produce basic good wine in big quantity at so low cost. The point is that consumers, when they see a low price, associate that immediatly with low quality ! At Grand Jury, we did blind once Premius, a basic bordeaux by Yvon Mau, produced over 5 millions bottles and with a retail less than 5 €. Will you be surprise if I tell you this wine has come before some classified growths ? Of course, a 30 % roughly of Bordeaux basic wines are bullshit, but, trust me, for less than 6 euros, you find very decent wines. The question : what to do in marketing, without crazy expenses, to give this message to the consumer worldwide ?
  6. mauss

    So You Want to be a MW

    I know I will be damned very strongly for that, but I have to say that I never, never meet a MW who was smiling and happy with wine : always very serious people, sometimes arrogant (but this is a repetition somewhere) and deeply "triste", sad. Why ? I just do not know. Maybe because they usually work in very large companies where compromise is a necessity ? Hopefully, some exception, as Robert Joseph (does he belongs t them, by the way) who is always joking ! Even Olivier Humbrecht is now a very serious man : the diploma has a real effect on him !
  7. Don Rocks : Your comment is very interesting : I share roughly the same point of view and my last experience in Beaune where I did discover at Ma Cuisine (a restaurant in the City-Center) some Haut-Brion 62 at 225 euros, I was quite excited : the wine was so good (we were 3) that we order a second bottle. Really, in difficult years, on a top terroir and with a top producer, you may reach outstanding qualities. Thanks for your sensible report.
  8. mauss

    Bag in box

    As far as I know, it will be the full-food-liquid-proof safe box with a special opening system which avoid air to enter the box; so you can keep this box in the fridg or elsewhere without the wine to loose its qualities. It will be a liter size or 2 liters. I will come withmore information on the board when I will get some. Thanks,
  9. For those in Europe or those who do not have a problem to import or have a cellar place to keep the wines in Europe, I recommend "1855.com" or "millesima.com" or "chateauonline.fr". Very serious operator with fair to excellent prices.
  10. mauss

    Bag in box

    Some Bordeaux Producers, including classified growths, want to market their wine in the "bag in a box" system : you know, like the milk we get in supermarket. Obvisously, this will be for wines to be drunk in a 36 months period. Some tastings show that it is no difference with the standard glass-bottle-cork. Will you be a buyer ? What are your arguments for or against ? If a château came out with a limited serie designed by Vuitton or Hermes : what will be your reaction ? Good day to all,
  11. mauss


    For those who are against Spiegelau glasses, just some facts : a : they are the glasses of Grand Jury Européen from 96 and, if they were not good, be sure my Members would have ask me to change them. b : we use per tasting sessions around 1200 glasses (Vino Grande at origin, and now the beautiful and very efficient Authentis). c : we use the same glass for white and red and for bubbles d : for us, Spiegelau glasses are the best , simply because they do not enhance defaults or qualities : they are quite neutral. Of course, you will tell I got them at a special price - which is true - but again, if they were not well fitted for our tasting, we would have gone to another company. Moreover, as used at home in washing machine, as daily glasses, they do not brake that easy. One bemol on that : the first series of Authentis had a weak point from the calice to the foot: now this is corrected. I agree too that Riedel collection is not only famous,but wonderfull : but - except if your name is Rothschild or Rockfeller - if you consider the price…javascript:emoticon(':smile:')
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