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  1. As a midwestern native I must admit that I'm still baffled at what exactly is "Midwester Cooking?" My mom raise my brother and I to be culinarily adventuresome. Mom was obsessed with the notion of never doing a recipe twice, unless it really was a family favorite. She also dragged my brother and I (and my dad too) to all sorts of interesting restaurants, diners, aquaintence homes...etc just so we could sample cuisine from all over. Strangly enough, my dad who is Southern Ontario raised, worked for a Chicago television station which was truly the melting pot of cultures. This added to our families adventures in food. Hmmm...maybe I'm just in the wrong thread.... :)
  2. Brussel Sprouts is top of my list. Didn't like them as a kid, still don't like them as an adult. Just seemed like really bitter miniature cabbage in my book. YUCK! Granted there are a few other foods my mom made that still turn my nose today, but that one tops them all.
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