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  1. Nice little synopsis. What was your total bill if you say it was too expensive? Did it include drinks ie sake? Is it a price fixe meal?

    Finally, how would you compare the quality of the sushi to Blue Ribbon which I consider well above average quality?

  2. Nouveau Sushi is overpriced. Appetizers are good but they are no where near the creativeness and flavors found at Nobu, come on. I felt like I was being overcharged because I could be(in Montclair). Nori is very good quality and worth a visit since it is a fairly close distance. Sushi Hana on Fullerton in Montclair can be good at times but not a slam dunk. Dai Kichi is on Valley road near Belllvue Ave in Montclair and has been there BEFORE sushi got trendy. Always good service and great fresh fish there. Always a winner but it may be a little far for you though for those quick sushi runs. IMO the quality and service you get there blows away Nouveau Sushi by miles.

  3. I prefer a LBV Warres 97 port or maybe if its special a 70 or 77 Grahams.

    I mostly smoke Habana cigars and fine they go perfect with Iced Tea or a nice cup of Cafe with cream.

    Latest cigars smoked:

    Upmann Monarca Tubo

    Flor de Cano Corona

    Raphael Gonzalez Coronas Extra

    Partagas Seleccion Privada #1

    El Rey del Mundo Tainos

    All enjoyed with a nice glass of port. I find it cleanses the palate between puffs and definitely knocks out that cigar mouth you get afterwards.

  4. I ate there two weeks ago on Sunday night at 830pm. We arrived at 730 and sat at the bar for some drinks. I had a vodka martini and she had a cosmopolitan. The manager informed us our table was ready and put our drinks on a platter and asked us to follow her.

    We sat upstairs just under the skylight.


    Grilled Octopus-

    Is this the octopus I know? VERY tender and grilled to perfection. Fantastic light vinagrette complemented the dish. Literally the best prepared octopus I ever had.


    Goat Cheese Tortelloni with Dried Orange and Wild Fennel Pollen-

    Is he serious?? OMG! The very light orange essence was unbeliveable and complemented the tangy goat cheese perfectly. The pasta was so light I thought it would float off my dish. My mouth is watering thinking about it.


    Spicy Two-Minute Calamari Sicilian Lifeguard Style

    The ultra tender calamari were cooked in a light tomato based broth with pine nuts and capers. Chilis made this dish a hint spicy which was fantastic. Cooked to perfection.

    *Special* Veal Osso Buco stuffed with escarole

    Braised lightly. The slightly bitter escarole paired perfectly with the veal. I forgot the cheese that was with the stuffing but it was light and creamy. Cannelinis rounded out the dish. Excellent!




    Saffron Panna Cotta

    I can only describe this by saying it was a perfect light dessert to end a fantastic dinner. The peaches and sweet basil were a perfect pairing with the sorbet

    We purchased a bottle of 1997 La Sala Chianti Classico Riserva that was paired well with our meal by the sommelier.

    The service was impeccable. The food indescribeable. You just have to taste it yourself. Definitely my #1 Italian Restaurant in NYC.

  5. Looking for info and perhaps a place to purchase. I think it's Tuscan but can't find too much about it with internet searches. Any info appreciated.

  6. Oh I forgot, for Italian food you can't beat Valentino's

    I'm use to very good home Italian cooking. This place comes very close. Excellent pastas which are home made and very light. The gnocci melted in my mouth and wasn't a bit "heavy" Wandering accordian player with Italian love songs. Great Zabaglione for dessert!

  7. Was just there in March. Great restaurants!

    Seafood. Aqua Grill- a bit expensive but worth every penny. We dropped $200 for two people and that included tip and a $80 bottle of champagne and two cocktails.

    Steak, El Gaucho Go for the special bone in rib eye. The steaks are huge and all Argentinian beef. Fun place, loud and FANTASTIC sangria!

    Sushi, Japengo at the Hyatt. Creative, very fresh fish, unique specials and great sake. Some of the best hamachi I EVER had.

    Caribbean,French, Madame Jeanette Easilly the best of the bunch. All atmosphere here, very romantic and very reasonable prices. Big portions and very well prepared food. I had Lobster Thermidor and couldn't finish it. Make reservations as soon as you get to the island since they book up unbelieveably fast, and for good reason.

    Ruinas del Mar again at the Hyatt. Sit outside on the veranda overlooking the waterfalls and black swans. VERY romantic and very good food. More continental than anything. Great seafood specials.

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