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  1. Thanks, Jay. The Edge and Rainforest are both on our list. I had heard the same thing about Dasheene. Overrated, but killer views. Several have told us to just have cocktails there and go somewhere else for dinner. You didn't happen to try Martha's Table in Soufriere (more of a lunch spot I believe)? Or any other lunch spots worth checking out(again local food)? We are going in a little over a month. We are staying in Rodney Bay...but, We plan to dive at Anse Chastenet, so will see that beautiful area too. Any other info you can provide about the island is greatly appreciated!
  2. We are traveling to St. Lucia in September. We have hired a car and are staying in Rodney Bay, but are willing to drive to get good meals if needed. Really looking for good local/West Indies dining: both High end and inexpensive. We have been to multiple Caribbean destinations, but this is our first trip here and would love to experience true island flavor as we have in the past. Please help with recommendations from anyone who has had experience on this island. Grazi in advance!
  3. Nabeel's has great Italian/Mediterranean food and ingredients. They say it is the closest you can get without having to drive to Nawlins'. :) Love that olive salad from the Central Grocery!! Glad you found Nabeel's!
  4. What's so wrong with the Pelican, Tony? Are you referring to the resort or just the beach? We are staying there and you have me worried. Also, does the Pelican resort do day trips for snorkeling? And is a trip to St. Bart's or Saba worth it??
  5. Thanks, Tony. This helps us tremendously. I had posted a message in another area of this forum(haven't checked that one yet), but this answers alot of our questions even though we won't be taking our trip til Sept. Can't wait though. Have read your postings and devoured them. PS. Do your Hurricane Ban in Sept. Dance for us! :)
  6. Denada and no problemo. Happens to me too, the caffiene, that is. One huge diet Mt. Dew or two cups of java usually fixes me. Red Diamond, of course. PS. Klingler's European Bakery in Vestavia on Hwy 31 has good German food and to die for pastries too. Both of you, if you haven't been to the Smokin' Grill (formerly Paul and Burt's) in Springville, you need to get there quick. Great BBQ, better than Dreamland. No atmosphere, but awesome Que. Gawd, I can't stop!!! I love bragging on my home town. There is alot here that people just don't realize. My friend in DFW is always amazed when she comes back home!
  7. Ok. I am such an idiot. If you are looking for fresh produce, the best places to go to the Farmer's Market on Finley Ave. off I65 N(towards NashvilleAlso the Pepper Place downtown. 2nd Ave and 28th St. I can't believe I forgot about these. Both take place on the w/e.
  8. Just thought of something. Another good Asian Market is on Green Springs Ave. as you are going towards Homewood on the right, before you get to Valley Avenue. Sell Korean food, I believe and other Asian items.
  9. Hi and welcome to the neighborhood!! V. Richard's is actually on Clairmont, past St. Vincent's Hospital. Not Vincent's. V. Richard's is locally owned and has some neat stuff. Vincent's is on Lakeshore, right by Brookwood Hospital and there is also one at the Summit Shopping center(junction of Hwy 280 and I459). Vincent's actually used to be owned by one of the Bruno's brothers and was only at the Lakeshore location, originally. Bruno's was bought out a few years ago and isn't as good, but you can find some interesting things there. The wine dept is still ok. Western, Vintage Wine Shoppe and Amphoria are all reputable. As far as seafood: Try Snapper Grabber's in Vestavia and M and M in Helena as well as FishMarket. Fishmarket is owned by the Sarris' family and are the local Greek contingent in Bham. Own several other restaurants here too. If I am not mistaken, the Bright Star and Nikki's (and talk about some good southern cooking... with a Med. flair. mmmmm). VJ's on the Runway at the airport is another great meat and three southern restaurant. As for Fishmarket......Love their Greek salad (especially the dressing) and they load on the feta if you ask really nice . You need to try Ocean for good upscale seafood. It is relatively new but I haven't heard a unkind thing about it yet. It is In the heart of Five Points South. And The Florida Grill in Homewood. Bottega is a stallworth. Will always be good. Other bets for dining are Daniel George, Highlands(southern eclectic), Los Angeles (South American/Latin American), Sol Y Luna (mexican Tapas) and Nonna Rose(Italian). The prices vary at these restaurants(Highlands is expensive, but worth it). Off the beaten path, Chez Lu Lu (for great pastry, light fare such as sandwiches and soups) in English Village( i hope it is still there, it has been awhile since I ate there) and Crazy Cajuns on Hwy 280. You must get the crawfish. Speaking of festivals...the Annual Crawfish Boil is next w/e (7th and 8th). Thousands of pounds of mudbugs brought in from LA and live music(great local and regional acts such as Cowboy Mouth, Sister Hazel) and just plain, good fun in the railroad district downtown. The proceeds go to Charity. It gets bigger every year. Will be there Fri. nite for the festivities and sucking some head and eating some tails. Any more questions?? There are many more restaurants that are hidden gems in this town. I am a native..glad to be of assistance!
  10. Please PM me and let me know what you found, off the beaten path, restaurants and beaches on both Anguilla and St. Martin. Thanks!
  11. One more I thought of: Pollo Grill Rotisserie. Great escargot, foul, and seafood and good selection of wines. I am not sure if either of these are open, but they were good a couple of years ago.
  12. For Whitefish MT (haven't ventured to Bozeman, planned for next year though ,and ID) you must try Tupeloe's. Authentic creole/cajun dining. Very good and the owners are from LA if I remember correctly. Reasonable too. Hope this helps!
  13. St. John is lovely. It is much more pristine than St. Thomas and the beaches are less crowded and prettier. Especially liked Hawksnest and Little Cinnamon (which you can only reach by boat). As far as Snorkeling, Waterlemon Cay and Ramshead are exceptional. I am sure that Anguilla will be similar, but different, which is what we want. We like escaping from the hustle and bussle. That is why when we were in St. Thomas, we boated to St. John and Virgin Gorda (also and awesome, unspoiled place). The food choices were great in St. Thomas, however even with the more touristy setting(Craig and Sally's, The Sugar Mill, Cuzzin's,Off the Hook, Agave Terrace to name a few). We are anxiously awaiting experiencing the dining(and etc, etc, etc) in St. Martin. Only a few more months.:) BTW, can you rent mopeds or motorcycles on Angilla??
  14. Thanks Rachel. Will definitely let you know how Pelican is. Are you with II? So far, we have been very happy with the exchanges we have gotten thru them. Have been reading the threads above and taking notes! Will report back when we return! Any other info you can share will be great. Pelican is near Simpson Bay. Halfway btw French and Dutch side, I am told.
  15. Were the prices reasonable compared to the US at the supermarket? Also, what timeshare did you stay at when there. We will be at Pelican Club Resort and were curious as to the accomodations. Also, are you allowed to take cars by ferry to Angilla? Thanks so much! We want to visit the island but would rather take our own transportation!
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