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  1. I've never had a tequila gimlet, but I would venture that a more subtle tequila than the blanco I use in a margarita would be in order, since the lime taste in Rose's is not nearly as astringet as fresh lime juice (even after modification with the orange liqueur).
  2. There is a well known Mexican mariachi (ranchera) song called "El Rey", a part of which lyrics (loosely translated) go "It is not so important to be the first to arrive, as it is to know when you have arrived". Well, at long last I've finally made it here, and so greetings to Gary, Mardee, JAZ and Jason. I see Doc has stirred up the old 'which tequila to use in a margarita' discussion and noted that Gary sussed out that I was recommending a blanco vs. Doc's reposado preference. I note further along that Doc is now going to experiment with a Patron blanco (!)--hey Doc, wouldn't that be an anejo? Thats not my idea of a "blanco", nor are any of the other tequilas that Gary included in a list that had Hornitos in it. I make my margaritas with the regular Sauza blanco that in LA can be obtained for about $20 for a 1.5l bottle. Yes, I know its not 100% blue agave and its certainly not something you want to sip as Doc discovered when he was over last week and I gave him a blind tasting along side a reposado. I use it only for magaritas as I contend that its raw taste stands up well in blending with that most essential ingredient: fresh lime juice. As a matter of fact I just finished picking up my wife up at the airport as she was returning from a week in Arizona taking in spring training games (we're both baseball nuts). Practically the first thing she mentioned were the horrible margaritas they were serving at the resort type hotel she stayed at in Scottsdale--made with expensive tequila and undoubtedly some high priced orange liqueur and, of course, some damned sweet and sour mix. Ugh! So, you see, I must toddle off now and make her a proper one. Cheers! (to be continued)
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