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  1. What's the regular tasting menu run at Guy Savoy? I've tried both the Caesar's & Guy Savoy websites and couldn't find any menu/price info.... These two replies gave me more info!!! I knocked Joel Robouchon out of the running when I realized that our economic stimulus check (our patriotic duty to spend it, right? ) plus our budget still wouldn't cover our dinner. If the TGV dinner is $190, I imagine the full tasting menu is in the Joel R. price range.
  2. Any insight on the bar? I'm adding this to my possible dinner list, but our larger group is always on the lookout for a nice, quieter end bar to start the night! Unfortunately the website doesn't offer much info.
  3. Thanks for the opinions -- I forgot to add that we also have Guy Savoy on the list. Does that change anyone's opinions? BTW -- I'm enthralled by the Vegas Uncorked reviews.
  4. We've had our share of 10 pm reservations in NYC and it wasn't until about 12:30-45 that we've ever thought "hmm, guess we should get going" based on how much quieter any of the restaurants had gotten. And all of those times, there have been at least 5 tables of people seated the same time as we were who were also lingering....
  5. We're off to Vegas in a few weeks and have hit most of the "established" places by Vegas standards -- Picasso, Bradley Ogden, Delmonico etc. -- or have been to another outpost of several others -- Bouchon, Craftsteak, Mesa Grill. For our nicer dinner (at or under $400-500 for 2 with drinks & tip), where should we try? Current frontrunners are Alex, L'Atelier Joel Robuchon, Bartolotta, Michael Mina. Thoughts, other suggestions?
  6. Anyone have other places? Would ideally like somewhere with corkage under $20 or that would be waived with a purchase or with a substantial dinner order...
  7. Got this list (about three times removed from the original compiler), but it's a good start.... Some have already been mentioned, here or in other threads, but I will note that I really like Buon Appetito (Canton) and have heard RAVE reviews from everyone who has been to Nini's Bistro. Abbott's Lobster in the Rough 117 Pearl Street Noank, CT 06340 Tel: 860-536-7719 Fax: 860-536-4608 Noank, CT http://www.restaurantrow.com/citadel/MoreI...112054&state=CT Lenny and Joe's Fish Tail Madison, CT http://www.yankeemagazine.com/ui/linkinfra....ljfishtale.com Buon Apetito 50 Albany Turnpike Canton, CT 860-693-2211 Note: Excellent gourmet Italian cuisine, b.y.o.b. http://www.restaurantrow.com/worldnow/search.cfm Fabiola’s 195 West Main St (behind Tweeter’s) Avon, CT 860-674-9113 Oliva East Shore Road New Preston, CT 06777 860-868-1787 BYOB Doc's Lake Warramaug New Preston, CT 06777 860-868-9415 BYOB http://www.roadfood.com/Reviews/Writeup.as...D=134&RefID=134 Hunan Cafe 228 Town Green Wilton, Ct. 06897 Telephone: 203-761-8991 Fax: 203-761-8998 Web-site - http://www.culinarymenus.com/hunancafe.htm Pastorale 223 Main St Lakeville, CT 06039 860-435-1011 BYOB THE BLUE OAR 16 Snyder Rd. East Haddam, CT (860) 345-2994 BYOB Center Deli and Catering Company Lynne and Ray Paulson 3 Huntington Plaza Shelton, CT Penang Grill 55 Lewis St greenwich, Ct 06830 Phone 203-861-0003 Nini’s Bistro 40 Orange Street New Haven, CT.(Ninth Square District) 203-562-6464 http://www.ninisbistro.com/ Paperback Café Old Saybrook (860/388-9718; pbcafe.com) The Place 901 Boston Post Rd. (Rte. 1) Guilford 203-453-9276 Café Mis en Place 230 Farmington Ave Farmington, CT 06032-1916 Cross Street: Talcott Notch Road Phone: (860) 677-7869 Bamboo Grill 50 Albany Turnpike Canton, CT 06019 Phone: 860-693-4144 Costello's Clam Company 140 Pearl Street Noank, CT 06340 Phone: 860-572-2779 Rainbow Cafe 1022 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06510 Phone: 203-777-2390 Fax: 203-773-1471 Susan's Coffeehouse - Cafe 10 Hartford Avenue Route 189 Granby, CT 06035 Phone: 860-653-6600 Uncle Willie's 1101 Huntingdon Ave Waterbury, CT 06704 Phone: 203-596-7677 Fax: 203-596-9778
  8. I'd love to hear a report - I've read some articles and have it on my "should visit" list, but would be thrilled for some firsthand comments.
  9. Anyone else with comments, hidden gems, new places...? We're leaving in a week, but most of our time will be in Anguilla.
  10. AES

    Per Se

    Anthony Bourdain's article in the new issue of Gourmet is focused on this. It was quite an interesting read. And I think I"m getting there. I haven't made it to ADNY because the $200+ each has kept me away - there's simply no way 2 people can get out of there for less than $550 or so, without any alcohol. And that that point, which Per Se is getting close to, it becomes less accessible and much more a every couple of years event.
  11. Hi anna It's across the street from First and Last. Same side of the street as Eli's, but on the opposite end of Main St. (the far end if you're at Eli's).
  12. This is actually why I didn't like the Post's review -- it was too straightforward for me. I'm biased in favor of long-winded descriptions about the room, food, service, wine list, etc., which is what I've gotten on here for restaurants I've been to and ones that I'm considering. Star ratings give you a guideline of what to expect, but not much more.
  13. I've read more descriptive, revealing, and interesting reviews here. Granted there's probably a word limit, but that wasn't a particularly insightful review....
  14. Forgive my ignorance, but I assume you mean canned. Not sure where in CT you are, but there's a place in North Haven on Rt. 5 called Connecticut Natural Produce that has Scalfani San Marzano tomatoes in both the really large can and in the "normal" 16 oz. can. They had them on Saturday when I was there - I'm pretty sure they always have them, but I'm not 100% certain.
  15. Ditto on Tapas. Thai Gardens in Middletown. Shady Glen -- just 'cause it's Shady Glen.... And the various New Haven pizza options - i love 'em all!
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