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  1. I hope someone sees this in time. I‘m in Japan now and have been told about a Tofu Resturant in Tokyo. My teacher could only tell me the following. It's a very old Tofu only restaurant in the Nipori area. He thinks it's called Sasanoyuki or Sasanayuki. Close to Uguisutani. It's been there a very long time and is very traditional. I can speak Japanese and am going with someone that can speak Japanese so there will be no Meiwaku. I've tried to look on the sites people have sugguested with no luck. Please help me if you can. Thank you very much.

  2. I'm sorry for replying so late. I wanted to thank everyone that took the time to reply to my plea. My friend could not wait until we reached BC and made me stop in Bellingham to eat. We had an okay dinner at an Italian place. Wasn't good enough to remember the name.

    I now have a list of great places in BC as I'm hoping to return in the spring. Thanks again.

    I must add that I read many of your comments about Whistler and took your advice on Apres. I recommend going if you're in the area. The sauces were all reduced well and the service was good. The deco is also creative and relaxing after a day on the slopes.

    We also took a night and did bar food. We hit Barefoot Champagne Bar, which I would recommend as well and we visited the 4 seasons. I would have to go back to the 4 seasons to give a fair judgement but the dishwasher going in the bar area created to much noise to make any enjoyment of the food possible. We complained and nothing was done. The poor bartender apologized and said he had told the management about it many times but no one was willing to do anything about it. I would assume the dining room would be different.

    Again thanks for all the tips! Egulleters are great!

  3. Hiroyuki,

    Thanks for your information. I was lucky enough to find a jar in a little market close to my house. The label has uni, sake, egg yolks and egg whites listed.

    My local fishmonger had a great idea. He suggested adding sake to the uni and adding amaebi as the binder instead of eggs. This would be put in a suribachi and ground to a paste.

    I think I'll use uni, sake kasu, and amaebi to form a paste!

    Thanks for all your help.

    Happy New Year!


  4. Help, I live in the US and I make a full osechiriryo with a friend every year. We have about 30 plus dishes. This year we wanted to try something new. We've found four different recipes but they all call for neriuni in a bottle. I am in Seattle, Washington. I have checked the local Japanese markets for neriuni and no one has any. Fresh uni is available and if I knew what was in neriuni we could make it from scratch.

    Can anyone tell me the ingredients or a recipe for neriuni? The time is ticking away for oshogatsu and I'm starting to panic as I thought I'd be able to find some here. Thanks in advance.


  5. Please, I'm frustrated and need help. I'm coming to Vancouver on Sunday night the 12th for a stop over with a friend for her 50th birthday, before we head up to Whistler to ski. We won't be getting in to the city until about 830pm. Hotel Check In(hotel is on Robeson) etc…so we probably won't be eating until around 9pm plus. I had thought we would drop in at Chambar for something light. On a fluke I decided to call tonight to see if I should make reservations. Help!!! They aren't open on Sundays. What could I have been thinking?

    Do you know any good places open on Sunday night? Good? Meaning the food is of a quality to be placed in the celebrate a 50th. We will be going to Whistler and eating at Apres and the Four Seasons Bistro. So we don't need something that would be classified as dinning but we do need good quality and a chef with a sensitive tongue. Ethic food is good too, although Japanese is out. I've lived in Japan and think there are very few places that qualify.

    If you've read this far, thank you so much, I wait patiently for your reply.

  6. Okay, It's been done. I've made reservations at Barking Frog on November 23rd. I've got a table for 14 by the fireplace. Please PM before Friday the 12th with your solid commitment so I can finalize everything. At this point with everyone that has expressed an interest there is still room for more. So if you are interested PM me and we just try to make sure everyone can come. I told them I would have a firm count by Friday. Thanks to everyone for being so patient. Looking forward to seeing everyone that appears.

  7. Sorry everyone. I've been out of town and drop the ball on the Barking Frog dinner. I will call tomorrow and post the available dates. After reading all the posts this looks like the count. Please let me know if I've missed someone or if someone else wants to come.

    Mr and Ms Toast


    Mr and Ms little food (if the 23rd)


    Really Nice


    Sparrowsfall (needs to see date)


  8. Is anyone up for an egullet table at Barking Frog?

    Okay I'm on this. I'll come up with some dates mid november or so. At this point my count is

    Mr. and Mrs. Toast

    Really Nice


    please add your name to the list by quoting this email so we can keep the guest list together. Thanks.


  9. I have to give a vote for Nell's. I ate there this Spring. I wanted the Duck but there was another item that had fresh morels and I wanted that as well. The waiter said no problem. I was later presented with a delcious Duck dish in a morel sauce. I'm hoping to go this October if that pulls through I'll post a verdict.

  10. I'm a purest. Matsutake should be eaten as soon after picking as possible. They are great either grilled with a little coarse salt or in a light broth made from kombu. If you choice the broth method it should be served in a cup with a lid/top to insure the aroma does not escape. Matsutakes taste good but the true essence is really the aroma. Happy eating!


  11. If you are specificaly looking for english cheese there is also a little place in Redmond called Britt's. They have a restaurant as well as a little store with English Products.

    Are you possible talking about The British Pantry Ltd.? This is in Redmond@ 8125 161st Ave. NE. phone. 425-883-7511.

    They have a selection of English cheeses. You might want to give them a call. They get shipments from England regularly.


  12. Really Nice, thanks for your in-depth descriptions.

    I'm not a big American wine drinker. I've just returned from Napa were I had some friends try to change my mind. I found the Zinfandel by Frank Family Cellars to be much more complex and mellow than most of the others we tasted in the area. If any of you have a chance please pick it up and post what you think.

  13. We are reserving An eGullet table for the Bourdain event. Good food and wine, fun evening, signed book. What could suit us better.


    Hello Heyjude, I'm interested in attending the Bourdain event and would like to know the date and how I can be part of this great time. I've had nothing but great fun meeting egulleter and would like to add more to the list. Thanks for posting this information. Sincerely, Matsutakekichigai

  14. Well, as long as we're talking about service instead of food…I felt the wait staff was very good, but nothing outstanding for a restaurant of that caliber. I actually didn't notice them except when they were giving or taking away dishes. With an outstanding staff, one does not notice them when they are taking dishes from the table. All this aside I was very happy with the staff with the exception of the foie gras. I too believe they should have split it in the kitchen. We egulleter's were just at Café Campagne for breakfast and our egg dish (Oeufs en meurette) was split in the kitchen. This, Café Campagne did without us asking. I must say in Rover's defense, Café Campagne is probably used to people splitting dishes.

    All the food was good with the exception of the foie gras. It was a very thin cut of foie gras. I believe if one is going to serve foie gras it should be of the thicker cut. One doesn't have to serve a huge piece but the piece that is served should be thick for the texture experience as well as the taste. Just a bite or two is enough. I'm not a chef so I'm not sure of the complications my request presents but I would not order foie gras again at Rover's.

    I ate the lamb and felt the flavors were very well mingled and reduced to produce a fine single taste. I also thought the treatment of the morels was done well. So many times this season I've had morels prepared in ways that don't do the little nuggets of gold justice.

    I would go back to Rovers. I would go to dinner and I'd also go to another lunch. Here's to supporting a good chef and one that's personable as well. And here's to eating and meeting great new egullet members.

  15. I'm an out of towner as well and am visiting Napa Valley this summer. I was told to eat at a place called "Market". Can anyone give me some feedback on this. I've looked for threads but have come up empty handed. I was told it's one of the best local places. Please help. Thanks for any feedback

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