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  1. Hey Ghostrider! Then you HAVE to go to Oak Tree Road! It's right by the Metropark Train Station if that's any help. BTW...when you do get enough, just head west on Oak Tree for great Chinese.
  2. I made the trip to Fort Washington on Friday and had mixed feelings. The Ming Tsai demo was great, he was almost as good in person as he is on TV but most of the exhibitors were also selling stuff and that made it hard to get information. What was I hoping for? Two things: first, more cookbook publishers and second the chance to talk to artisanal food producers outside of their sales rooms. But cookbook publishers were limited to Caminio Books and a single self-publishing operation and the whole place was a giant sales room so there was no chance to hook up with the few artisanal producers who were there. If you're the sort who goes to these events for the samples, there were plenty and they were quite good, but the seventeen dollar admission fee could have bought much better. The food media industry NEEDS a great trade show/networking event! A place where we could see who's publishing what and how they do it. But this wasn't it.
  3. Hi: I'm glad to see that this message is also posted in the New Jersey section. We have great organic resources here. My own favorite store is the Whole Earth Center on Route 27 in Princeton. It's a non-profit with a remarkable selection. (Please! do NOT confuse this place with the chain stores!!!) New Jersey also has many certified organic farms but you'll have to wait a few more months before you can buy any local produce. Best of luck in your trip and please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.
  4. Rosie: I've been busy with several projects. If you're interested, I urge you to check out my website and see more.
  5. Milt: At the very end of you're journey, you'll get of the NJ Turnpike at exit 11 and head up the Garden State Parkway. Two miles north of this junction on the Garden State is the Oak Tree Road Indian restaurant strip, the biggest South Asian neighborhood in the reigon. Exit the Garden State at 131 and turn left. Go down to Oak Tree Road and make another left, you'll be right in the thick of things after a block or two. Look for Chowpatty on the left or the Galaxy Food Court on the right, but don't be afraid to experiment. There are many good restaurants and even more food and snack shops. Be aware that the Galaxy has its own parking in back. I hope you have a great trip.
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