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  1. Thom: The Bridge is now a gastropub? Incredible. I think food has been more of a rescue mission than a take over. Of the four pubs in one of your posts, the Bridge was never over-busy, the Oxnoble (or was it Ox Noble, I forget) was a deadhole in the back of beyond, Mr Thomas's was only half the size it is now and didn't open in the evening, and Sam's was shut for ten years. I like your choices of boozers (another post); there are some more over the river in Salford, but nothing like as many as there used to be. Get in now before they're knocked down.
  2. I don't see that much of it, to be honest. The Arden Arms at Stockport is my pub of choice for food, the landlords used to run a restaurant and they try to keep to that standard. It's usually pretty good.
  3. The Ox, Manchester Had my Friday lunch there this week. I wandered in, picked up what I thought was a menu, and sauntered up to the bar reading along the way, only to be intercepted and guided to a table. Fortunately, I could see the bar from where I ended up, so I could answer the drinks query. Chicken piri piri was new potatoes, a spicy tomato sauce with bits of chorizo & gammon and some green leaves I never identified, with two nicely grilled chicken thighs on top. The dominant flavour in the sauce was the chorizo, but it was tasty enough, if a bit salty for me. Overall, not at all bad. Choice of pop was Landlord, Pedigree, Wobbly Bob, Old Speckled Hen, and Boddingtons. Leave aside the Boddingtons - I haven't had any since the recent change of recipe, and for ten years the stuff was undrinkable. The weakest beer is the Landlord, which was jolly tasty, but two pints contain more alcohol than I like at lunchtime. Looking round, there was a sea of halves and soft drinks. The bill was £13.50 or so, duration was about an hour and twenty minutes, so I got back to work an hour and three quarters after I left (oops). The 'sandwiches' seemed very popular, but some girlies by me left some (too much, methinks - they should have shared one).
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